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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
I'm doing HC right now without CO2,

I've done A HM carpet for a 1 gallon previously with no CO2 as well, and it did pretty well for me ^_^ Not exactly an iwagumi, but you can get the iwagumi look if you really tried.

Honestly i think trimming any kind of carpet is a pain, be it moss, HC, HM etc...

Personally, I love high light without CO2, but it can be hard to work with - algae problems and such... Without CO2, The plants grow slower, but that suits me just fine :)

From what I've heard a HC carpet gets pretty thick without adequate light since the plant tries to grow towards the light... so you may end with with a 2 in high carpet anyway ^_^

Either way, I believe tanks are there to be enjoyed and for you to have fun with! After all if it's just frustrating you, what's the point right?

Non Co2 tanks can be really beautiful too, and save those rocks! Who knows, maybe one day you'll want to do an iwagumi again ^_^

Addressing the lack of growth: Most likely your plants are transitioning - a lot of store bought plants are grown emersed and needs to go through a transitional period. There is probably not be enough light for the HC and hairgrass to work with, so they're in stasis. You can try providing a bit more light and see how they do....

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Wow man that really is coming out nicely! I love the ghost shrimp, I am so jelly really want to get my shrimpies! Haha

How long have you had that tank running? It looks really nice

I am a very impatient person who practices a lot of art forms that require A LOT of patience. My sense of time is a little off as well.

My girl reminded me, amidst my panick and urge to throw it all out, that the tank has only been fully running for a week and that I changed to a higher light only three days ago. She told me to give it at least a month before expecting any results and as always she is right :P

I should be picking up a 6500K tropical bulb this week as well as some fertilizer as I haven't given them anything.The new filter seems to give it more motion, hopefully the plant will begin to spread and run around. I am also going to try and reduce the photo-period, most plants grow when the lights are off anyhow.

The transitional phase makes a lot of sense and certainly gives a possibility on to why my plants do not seem to be making a lot of progress. Combined with the fact that I did not dry start them it should take at least a month or more before I see any actual growth.

I believe I have algae growing on my glass as I seeing very tiny strands and specs stuck to the glass. I am dosing with liquid CO2 which should kill the algae, again I don't understand how it is possible.

It's good food for the future shrimps though right?

I apologize for panicking a bit before hand.

Thank you so much for being patient with me

Are we the only ones of this forum btw? lol
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