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First flowers !!!

This is a discussion on First flowers !!! within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> does it smell good? your plants are all so green mine are all so brown n dead lol im new.. i want to eat ...

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does it smell good? your plants are all so green mine are all so brown n dead lol im new.. i want to eat your leafs were did you buy your plants
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I bought most of the stems from the classifieds on here from Plamski. Most of the other stuff I got from That fish Place. The 2 big ones that are flowering came from Capain Nemos.
I have been pretty lucky so far.... I am kinda new at all this too.
I would be supper happy with the tank if I could get the BBA outa there.
Here is a shot of the full tank:
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Yes, those are Aponogeton. I don't see any BBA in the photos...

Plumkin, no, they have no fragrance. Your plants will likely settled in, it takes a bit of time at first.
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The BBA is makin me crazy I am pretty selective when I take pics... I don't like being reminded of my problem, but..... here we go:

This stuff is almot everywhere. I have been removing leaves and even plants, dosing with excel and even using H2O2 as well as more frequent water changes. I got alot of (hopefully good) info.
I have tried to increase the CO2, but I only have one difuser and I think it is maxed out.
I guess we shal see

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There's some conflicting ideas in that link [btw, links to other forums are not allowed] and I'm not going to get into all that.

Rhonda Wilson, who writes monthly columns for TFH, has more than once mentioned that certain algae types will appear in one tank but not another in her fishroom, and she doesn't know why. One thing is certain, all algae feeds on light beyond what balances the plants' needs. I have had outbreaks of brush algae, I have one just ending in my 90g. They seem to occur in summer (probably the higher light from the windows even with blinds). Reducing the light has worked for me to stop the increase.

I certainly would not use Excel if you have CO2 diffusion.
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Thanks for the input, and for letting me know about the link... OOPs. Any thoughts about H202 applied directly to the bba?
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Nice plants, I've only ever seen a double. My old aponogeton (crispus, perhaps? It was one of those bulbs from wal-mart) flowered several times, and produced plantlets when I pollinated them. Unfortunately, it takes years for them to grow fully submerged.

It's a shame mine didn't survive the transition to soil.

To pollinate, just get an extremely soft paint brushand lightly brush the flowers. You can also use your fingers if you have a gentle enough touch.

My plant at one point had three different spikes, and a few floating leaves. All of the stems coming up from the plant added an intriguing visual element to the tank.
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