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I have no problems growing plants with a canister filter. Would I grow them better with an undergravel filter? No clue, since I haven't used one since I was a kid, long before I kept plants.

I doubt I'm local to you, but I can still make some observations. Your neighbors plants do well and he has an undergravel filter, you'rs aren't doing well and you have a canister filter. It's almost impossible for us to say the filteration is the cause or his success and and the source of your trouble. If the two tanks were identical in size, brand of lighting, type of lighting, duration of lighting, substrate, type of fertilizer, fert routine, brand of fert, bioload, feeding amount/brand, type of plants, water parameters, etc then we could compare because the filter would be the only variable. I doubt that is the case though.

Pet store employees are a mixed bag. Some will offer great advice, others not so much. You let one pick out your plants. The first thing I would do is try and ID them and see if they really are suitable for your tank and go from there.
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I also have a friend from this Midwest area that had tanks when he was a teen (20 + tanks according to him ) he supposedly raised fish for a local retailer. He claims to have only used under gravel filters and never cleaned or changed a tank for over 1-2 years. Never heard of water changes and only had live plants which he claims he also wholesaled shoots from. I don't know. Again, I am very confused about this and wish I could get to the bottom of things. My friend says, just because things are different due to newer technology doesn't make it work better.
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Bonz I think I could compare tanks all day long and still be confused. LoL

There are obviously different ways to achieving the same results, better plant growth. Figuring out what works in ones tank or someones elses may not necessarily work in yours unless they are exactly the same as BWG has stated. We can all tell ya how we do it in our tanks but that won't necessarily help yours as they are different.

But we can help you figure what might work in your tank if you can tell us what you have in your tank. Which you have some. The light I assume is one T8 bulb that's 18" long? This is going to put you in about low to maybe lower end medium light plants. So the next thing is I again agree with BWG that you need to figure out what plants you have too see if they fall into that class. If you can post pics of them we can help ID them.

Another thing is all plants need fertilizers in one form or another. There different ways but the easiest in a low light tank is to buy a fertilizer Flourish Comprehensive is a good brand and it won't take much for your tank. With out all the nutrients the plants won't grow or struggle to survive.

My suggestion here is to look at getting some fertilizer and figure out what plants you have. Because even with fertilizer being right If the plants need bright lights and you have low light they will still not make it.

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I agree with what's been said. If you don't even know what kinds of plants you have, how could you possibly blame it on the filter? Not that I think you're playing the blame game... but in this hobby people like to place blame on whatever is most convenient.

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I would say choose a method (are more than one or two) and follow it. If it is your friend's method,then so be it.
I also agree that it would help to know what plant's you have.Some places like Petco,Petsmart.offer plant's that are NOT true aquatic plant's.
Other plant's do best (See Anubia,JavaFern) if attached to wood or rock with thread ,or fishing line as opposed to being stuck too deeply into substrate.
Lot's of plant's lose leaves intially when going from submersed to totally submerged (is normal) and will sprout new growth within week's assuming condition's are favorable (light's,nutrient's)
Don't know if planted tank section is still on the menu here,but it is worth a read or perhap's Bing,google,forum that strictly addresses planted tank's.
Method I chose to follow, and that has produced good result's over a three year period was Tom Barr's NON CO2 method.
Followed it to a T and was/am pleased.
I bought dry fertilzer from (Macro/Micro package).
Walstad method is another method I have used and it too work's.Does not make any difference what type of filter is used until or unless you should decide on injecting CO2 where good circulation is important for CO2 /nutrient distribution.
For low tech,natural planted,no CO2 then fish waste ,combined with Comprehensive fertilzer like Seachem's Comprehensive,will go far in helping the plant's get the food they need .
Be aware,,a couple folk's who post here, have been banned from other forum's for giving downright wrong to dangerous advice if the health of the fishes or invert's in your tank/my tank's are primary concern.
Find somebody you trust,,and follow their advice .Research planted aquarium's.
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The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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