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what light set up are you running on your 50 gal? those floaters are dwarf water lettuce. i like them alot with the dangly roots. it takes over so fast tho. good to have if you have excess nutrients in the water tho.
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I'm familiar with water lettuce....from my outdoor pond that I get to enjoy 4-5 months out of a year.... I certainly don't have the light for that. I was hoping nobody would ask about my lights because they are below...low...lol. I have the standard hood that came with the tank and have 1 48" florescent, 6500 k. ( I know...less than 1 WPG) My plants are showing new growth and I'm hoping if I stick with mostly anubias and crypts...I will have success. My nitrates are already at 0 so no excess nutrients here.
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small.jpg Well....here is my Sunday pic.
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as long as your seeing new growth nothing wrong with your lighting. 6500k is what i have ien my tanks. low low tanks with sand is easy to take care of. if you dose your ferts twice a week it will be good to go. half the day after a qaTER change then a couple days later the othder half. tank looks very nice tho!
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Originally Posted by DeboraBremner View Post
I've been reading so much my eyes are burning...lol. I've recenty (6 weeks ago) added plants to my low light 50 gal tank (set up for 6 years) and am pleased to be maintaining a 0 nitrate reading for the last 3 weeks. I have low light plants such as anubias, java fern and vals. What I am not sure of is what type (if any) of fertilizer I should add. So far the plants are doing well. No browning, yellowing or melting. I have added fertilizer tabs in the substrate...should I also be adding liquid...and which type?

Readings are PH 7.5 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0
Fish: 5 young Boesemani Rainbows
10 serpae tetras

Thanks for the help!

Sounds like you're doing just fine.

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maintain Fw and marine system with a strong emphasis on balanced, stabilized system that as much as possible are self substaning.

have maintained FW systems for up to 9 years with descendants from original fish and marine aquariums for up to 8 years.

With no water changes, untreated tap water, inexpensive lighting by first starting the tank with live plants (FW) or macro algae( marine)

see: http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/a...-build-295530/
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