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ok i bought my plants

Bacopa (similar to baby tears, maybe the same plant)
limnophilia - (similar to bacopa, but bigger)
Hygro bunch (Anacharis)
Amazon Sword - (My fav :D )
Corkscrew val (kinda like seaweed :P)

Please tell me if any of these plants will grow quick, i know that cabomba will grow fast but the guy was grumpy on the day i got then so i didnt want to ask him anymore questions.
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Cabomba and Anacharis both grow fast. Bacopa is a little slower, but can grow at a decent pace. Get root tabs for the Sword. The corkscrew vals will spread via runners, and you'll find it going all over the tank.

Even though it is the same planet, underwater is a whole different world.
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why does it have to root? beggers cant be choosers- go for java moss- but go for the bushy variety its native to japan i have it in my tank but i was given it as a specimen so i dont know the name common or latin.
as soon as i am done with the tweaking of my tank i will post pics, it has come on so much since my last posts.
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The roots are not actually real roots. They are for securing the plant to whatever you want it to attach to. they can be attached to any rocks, driftwood, ornaments, etc, as well as the substrate. Wherever you want it.

Even though it is the same planet, underwater is a whole different world.
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