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Also you might want to have a look at dwarf hairgrass, and possibly a few micro sword plants. I'm getting a few of these in with my order. Found a great Auz. site that delivers fresh plants to your door. I'm exstatic! lol

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alright, thanks 8)

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I was thinking of hooking up a CF DIY fixture for my tank, just to increase it a bit.

I found some 20 watt CF bulbs rated 6500 at the 99c store....good deal? Or is there something else I should be looking for in a light?

Sometimes Costco also sells them in a large pack (I think 10 pack) for just over $1 each, but you gotta look out for the deal, only once every 3 months or so.
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any other easy plants (any plant thats easy to care for, doesnt have to be foreground)?

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If you have a fine grained substrate, dwarf sag (Saggitaria subulata) will give you near lawn action under moderate lighting. Amazon Compacta swords are really nice. Ditto Crypt wendtii. I've got a soft spot for Ludewegia repens and Rotala indica - they make a nice contrast planted together, particularly behind crypts. or swords. Another good contrast plant: Brazillian pennywort - Nearly round leaves. Rooted or floating or both. You can weight the stems to the substrate with pebbles for a ground cover effect. Very versatile plant. Java Fern and Anubias Nana are excellent for tying to rocks or driftwwod to get plants in unexpected places, and the dark green of the Java Fern and the waxy, houseplant look of anubias make a grat contrast to the lighter green of most stem plants.

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