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Ahh, yes, that makes sense. I'm now just contemplating how that would end up above water. I don't think he has enough room for any sort of 'land' portion, just the tank is short enough that the plants will grow out of the tank.
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I see a little better what you want to do. You want a majority of the plant under water with just the tops growing out, right?

A lot of plants have different leaf structures for emersed and submerged growth and once the leaves come out of the water they will curl up and die. I think that Anubias and Crypts will grow well in this situation still but you will need a lot of humidity in the tank still.

I did find that for best air circulation and for best humidity a mister works best. Allows for the humidity to stay way up and allows for lots of air exchange to prevent slimy algae growth.

I will say this, a 10 gallon tank would be a lot easier to work with if you have room or one is allowed. It is actually cheaper to buy a 10 gallon than a 2.5 here. Almost 50% cheaper. lol.

Oh, I am not sure if a sword will grow like this even with high humidity. It might but be ready for the chance the leaves may turn brown and die. Is a good idea to watch all of the plants anyway for this. Anubias may work best because you can submerge the rhizome and the new leaves will grow out of the water if the water level is right above the rhizome. Just don't let it drop below the rhizome for a long time in low humidity.
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thanks everyone for thier help ^^
im guessing if its too hard i wont try to do the emersed plants.
however the whole co2 is confusing me for plants under the water o.o

i will probably continue with the fountain appearence and use decoration. instead of fish i may choose shrimps or a cray fish, shrimps are probably more suitable for a small tank like that.
i really do like the idea of a small planted tank. i could always put my java moss in there, it seems to grow fairly well in my 5 gallon aquarium
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Not really complicate dbut not as easy as simply going submerged or growing house plants.

One good thing about emersed is once you figure it out I have never seen faster growth in a plant. I even got it to work for me a couple times where the plants really took off but I could never keep the humidity high enough so they would turn brown on me. I have since learned how to do it but haven't tried again for about a year.
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okay im going to give it a shot. i got 2 medium sized anubias and a small one for now, ill see how they are submerged because they are quite small and the water level will probably be an inch if i do have the leaves above the water.
i dont have much time to set up the tank with work and school so righ tnow i have the anubias in my 5 gallon tank. so as soon as i got everything planted and set ill post some pictures :)
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