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Cool dying red ludwigia

i have some red ludwigia in my tank that looks like its doing well but for some reason, the stems toward the base or blackening and dying. why is this?

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Same thing happened to me, I lost a whole one

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I had this plant and it seems like it needed more light then what I had in my tank. The red faded and they looked like they melted away.I cut the bad parts off and put it in another tank. Some of it is growing back. I do not use C02 or fertlizers. When I did more it to another tank that tank had eco-complete and black sand in it. More Iron for the plant. It gets it's red color when it gets enough light. That could be my big problem not enough light.

I did a google on this plant here is what I found:
Med to very high lighting ( 2-4 watts per gal.)
Does best in soft slighty acidic water
substrate should be nutrient rich
Light intensity high

If this is true then your roots are not getting enough nutrients

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I had the same thing happen...plants were doin great..great color, growin well, within 6 weeks, all I had was naked stems....What happened..I have no idea.....
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This is common with all stem plants, some are worse than others. Eileen gave the reasons, mainly light. Stem plants are fast growers, and thus require more light (in intensity) than most rooted or rhizome plants. As with all plants, they grow toward the surface, and if left alone (not pruned regularly) will continue to grow across the surface where the light is strongest. Lower leaves will die off naturally as the plant is better able to photosynthesize through the leaves in the stronger light.

Stem plants thus require more maintainance. During the regular partial water change, pull them up, trim off the lower portions (height of top portions depends upon how high up in the tank you want them at that time, remembering that they will quickly grow up further) and plant the top portions, removing a few of the lower leaves as this part of the stem goes in the substrate to anchor the plant. When the stems are again at the surface, repeat. This keeps them looking fresh.

Most of the stem plants do not have a root system at the base but develop roots all along the stems. On some species, the portion of the stem in the substrate will develop slightly longer roots, and this occurs with any portion that is placed in the substrate.

Light also has an effect on colour with red plants, along wth the nutrients (iron and others) as Eileen mentioned. Red leaved plants generally require brighter (more intense) light. This occurs with rooted plants like the red-leaf forms of Echinodorus (swords) and Cryptocoryne as well.


P.S. Nice aquarium lionhead, I like your aquascape.

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Is this is the 10 gal tank? Are you using daylight bulbs? (6500K rating)? I use 2watts per gal roughly and mine are doing great. I also use Excel added every other day and flourish added once a week. You'll see mine in my aquarium section. They are located left of center and on the right hand side. T trim and replant about every 4 weeks as Byron states. When I do pull them up they have a good root system going. But they'll start a new one no problem.
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