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dwarf hairgrass runners

This is a discussion on dwarf hairgrass runners within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> About 2-3 weeks now....

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dwarf hairgrass runners
Old 04-02-2011, 09:11 AM   #21
About 2-3 weeks now.
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Originally Posted by Christople View Post
About 2-3 weeks now.

It may just need more time. Especially if you had it come through mail. It could just be in shock. I have plants that I ordered online and some that I bought in a local store and most of them start out rough then after a while (a couple months) they get extremely healthy and sprout out of control.
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My Echinodorus Tenellus finally decided to grow some runners after a whole month of reverting from its emersed form to its submerged form.

I dose fertilisers daily and I only have a 30 watt flourescent for a 50 gallon (considered low-light), so lighting probably isn't the issue in your case.
Just be patient. I went through at least 3 other foreground plant species which should have sent out runners in my setup but failed to do so nonetheless.

I'm just annoyed because I planted my Echinodorus Tenellus in the midground, thinking it would retain the length of its emersed form, but that's another story entirely.

Do your research (and I mean a lot of research) and be patient, most of all. If there's one thing that's underrated in the fish keeping hobby, it's patience.
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Thank you.
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