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This is a discussion on Dry-start? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> As far as stem plants, it would be easier to name the ones that WILL work. If it has a rigid stem, chances are ...

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As far as stem plants, it would be easier to name the ones that WILL work.

If it has a rigid stem, chances are good.

Ludwigeas, bacopas, cabombas, prosperinica, and creeping jenny would probably work emersed...
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Cabomba? I had those plants before, they were very brittle, at least mine were. trying to raise them above water caused them to snap.
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I've never tired cabomba emersed because it does quite seem like a plant that can make the switch. Its emersed leaves would have to be very different...

Ludwigia, pennywort, rorippa aquatica(possibly), and anubias nana var"petite" are some of the plants I currently have growing emersed. I know most Hygrophilia sp., swords, and hairgrass can be grown emersed. As byron already mentioned the morphology of the plant changes greatly between the submersed and emersed. Stems will become much more rigid, leaves get smaller usually, a lot of times they will change shape. Emersed conditions also tend to lead to the plant going into its sexual reproduction methods. A lot of our aquarium plants can flower, vast majority only do this above water. Flowers are quite easy to achieve with some species. I always have pennywort flowers. I like my emersed tanks, the weirdest stuff happens to them like ants.
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Yep, they are. That's a good point... It'd be insane to get the plant to revert to proper growth I guess.

Im not sure it would be worth the trouble to use stem plants in a dry-start.

In the dry start method, the plants grow extremely fast, so it's usually used for slow-growing plants like crypts and anubias to grow in to size.

Also works well to get those 'hard' foreground plants like riccia, HC, dwarf hairgrass, and baby tears to settle in.
Yet another advantage is due to the faster growth, swordplants will send out extensive root systems rapidly, and cut down on the risk of anaerobic conditions.
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Thats the key to why I wanted this setup, to get my crypts to grow faster, get their roots deep and spread out. I am using soil for this setup as well. I'm misting the plants twice a day, but im starting get a buildup of water at the bottom of my hill, internet readings tell me i need to drain it, but if i did the slope my plants are on would dry out :-/ any suggestions?
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If you have standing water that tank should be very humid, unless you are loosing humidity somewhere. If its a small tank plastic wrap the top and poke a few holes. Like I said the sides of the tank should be dripping with water from the humidity.
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my sides are dripping water with humidity, but i can see that the rocks at the top of the slope are dry a couple of hours after a misting and the tips of my test plants clearly have areas that are dried out (using dwarf chain sword). The bast of the plant stays moist though. I'm using the original halogen bulbs from the edge though, could the heat of the lamps be causing this? The temp inside the tank is around 74-78 degrees depending on time of day, i added a hagen nano heater to push the water to evaporate. My mistings are twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
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Are you sure it's damage from dryness? The rocks would dry incredibly fast anyway, since the rocks aren't 'trying' to hold water like the plants are.
Could be nutrient burn or nutrient deficiency. I'd gamble deficiency..
(Emerse plants like a ton of nutrients- add a quarter dose of flourish to your misting bottle and see if it helps.. You can also use terrestrial fertiliser like miracle grow in your mist. Just quit it a day or two before filling and it'll be gone before you add fish.)
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well i pulled the plants off the top of the slope, ive planted crypt undulata all along the side of the slope, the bottom plants have leaves above water and the roots under water. They are not showing signs of drying out, but then again, they arent directly under the bulbs like the other plants. Im misting a combination of flourish comprehensive, flourish excel, and florapride (most just iron and potash). The ratio of flourish comprehensive is high, nearly double what would normally be put into the bottle for that volume of water.

The air inside is so moist that water regularly drips off the top of the tank, the tank is so tightly sealed that the water level has been rising when i mist instead of lowering from evaporation. Nothing gets in or out unless I am misting. I usually try to breath into the tank too to increase CO2 levels (probably not effective at all).

Don't know if this will affect anything, but I added juvenile MTS to the tank recently. Because of the slope, part of the tank is submerged i figured i could get the mts to encourage bacteria growth in the substrate since ~40% of the tank will be unplanted.
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