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Smile DIY Emersed Anubias,crypts,awords.

hey guys hoping to start an interesting topic here... i have been thinking of turning an old aquarium into something for- first, anubias to grow emersed since i have heard it grows up to 2 times faster and i figured that i could sell the plants if i have too many since anubias sells really expensively around here and then, slowly other crypts and swords. I have been turning this idea around in my mind for a while but i recently got some new anubias and so it got me working ...... i used a 10 gallon aquarium and put down a 1 inch layer of laterite gravel along with a 2 inch layer of baked clay balls around 1cm in diameter. these clay balls have been soaking in overfertilized water for a week now. i plan on tying an anubias to a piece of bogwood and then dropping it in the tank. The tank is covered by a transparent plastic sheet and the light will be supplied by the sun..... does the rhizome of the anubias have to be submersed or can i leave it emersed?

Any further ideas of advice is greatly appreciated
also when i take the emersed form of anubias and then submerse it will the old,emersed leaves die off?? thanks.

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The species most commonly seen is Anubias barteri var. nana, which is the one in our profiles as Anubias [click the shaded name for the profile]. This is a slow growing plant, some sources say a leaf a month, some a leaf every 3 weeks when submersed, and all agree it will be faster emersed but I've no idea how much faster.

Presumably you would be cutting the rhizome to obtain separate plants. Propogation from the flowers is possible, but a long process I gather.

The best way to grow it emersed may be in about 2 inches of water. The rhizome should be under water according to most sources I've read. If grown in the shallow water, no substrate is necessary.


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Thanks byron ill go with one inch of water but i will also have an enriched substrate since i do not plan on adding ferts. also check this out this is how i wanted to make mine look in some time.... though smaller.....

My Ebb and Flow Emersed Setup

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." -By Jacques Cousteau
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I grew some type of 'petite' anubias emersed. It has only 1" long leaves but usually smaller underwater. Mine was just in dirt and seemed happy enough. It did not have any standing water but the soil was water logged.

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