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This is a discussion on Designed by Byron? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> i actually went back and asked about the Julii cories a couple days ago. they told me they were julii cories and that it ...

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i actually went back and asked about the Julii cories a couple days ago.

they told me they were julii cories and that it said "leopard cories" on the reciept because money counters are not fish people and all spotted corys were labeled Leopard Cory in the accounting system.

i trust byron more than them tho haha but they assured me they were juliis
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I'm sure the store person is an expert on corys and can easily distinguish the almost 200 species. More likely, the supplier called them "julii" and the store clerk naturally assumes the supplier knows .

I have seen fish labeled incorrectly in stores more times than i can remember, and species that are easily identifiable too. Two local stores had "Corydoras hastatus" recently, in one case they were C. pygmaeus, in the other C. habrosus. The only similarity among these three cory species is that they are all small (1 inch at maturity). I have had store owners tell me that suppliers often ship any closely-resembling fish if they don't happen to have the one the store ordered. Last, as I have repeatedly said, almost all C. julii available in stores will be C. trilineatus; C. julii is not often captured, it can be only once during the year (due to conservation laws in Brazil) and it is not being bred commercially so all stock if they are truly C. julii will be wild caught.

Enough explanation. You have the fish in your tank, sit down and study them using the ID info in our profiles, plus the photos. C. julii are very easily identified by having spots on their heads, like pin-head size, polka dot patterning. None of the other "spotted" corys have this. Plus they are chunkier and blunt-nosed.

Don't take offense, patadams66, this is not directed to you in any way, just my comments on how unreliable people can be, and why they can be.

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im not taking offense at all!

i knew they were full of it when t hey told me all of that. i have never seen a cory that looks close to the pic of the julii in the fish profiles.

all the ones i have seen have a lateral stripe down the side. and the rounded nose is a really good thing to look for too!

i was merely pointing out that i went to the store and kind of called them out about it and they still defended themselves. even giving me the scientific name when i asked for it lol.

i actually didnt know that about Juliis being on the conservation list. makes sense why they are so coveted i guess.

sorry to steal ur thread strand lol
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No problem! I was out of town this last week.

While I was gone I lost an adult Molly. Have a bunch more Molly fry that are schooling all around the tank now with the bigger fry. In the 12g tank 2 of the neons are gone. No sign of them. The gf saw the Molly and took her out.

Aaaaaaand I got another 10g.
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