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Thanks, I will try the 2 doses per week of flourish comp. I've never tried dosing twice a week while only running 1 bulb. I will monitor closely to see the effects whether positive/negative

It's pretty painful to see have to remove leaves from anubias as their are no more than 4 on any of them right now because growth is so slow with them. It's like each leaf is so precious to me. I've heard on other message boards where their anubias would take months to adjust and all there would be of the plants is kernel but would bounce back, pretty unbelievable

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going to have to side with 1077 here, adding the second t8 will just make things happen faster, not by much though. the second dose of the floruish will help however the only thing i would worry about is algae. the whole tank pic looks great, i didnt see any issues but green plants! i think the browning is all from the plants adjusting nothing more.
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Thanks Mitch, I've got some duckweed, ( I know,I know,lol) salvinia minima and amazon frogbit coming Wednesday. Hoping that one works out at least. With those sucking up so much nutrients I'll probably have to increase to twice a week even though I'm running only 1 light.

I believe I'm just not patient and completely over think things. I have fiddled around so much with so many plants , bouncing back and forth between 1 or 2 bulbs, how many hours they've been on. I just assume the worst when I see a dead leaf. I see all these beautiful planted tanks and just would love for mine to look as good.
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lol i can totally relate with you here, i tend to be a real worry wart when it comes to problems in a planted tank. after following jdm thread about his tank, that has relived my worries, well most anyways lol. he has a great way of explaining what he sees goin on with his plants then talks through what the issues could be. makes alot of sense though when the factors stay the same lighting ferts etc etc it is easyier to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. switiching lights and fert dosing every other week is going to just compound the problmes in my opinion, its just more for the plants to adjust to.

but still the double fert dose in ur case is a good place to start but if you see algae you know it wasnt a fert issue.
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Agree with the general thread. To answer your initial question on nitrates at 5-10 being insufficient for floating plants, the answer is no. My tanks all run at <5 ppm nitrate [one has been < 10 ppm] for 20 years with fine floating plant growth. And the fish are more important.

This issue has been raised a couple times in other threads, so I won't go into all that. The plants in the photo look fine to me. Give things time. Floating lants would likely help your Anubias and Java Fern.


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