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Originally Posted by VerdantGrotto View Post

So you would have to smuggle Frogbit in if you wanted some?... But you might have a problem with sentient plant matter in your house... I think I would find a lock or latch for my bedroom door instead of coralling the duckweed in the tank
Well, I had a chat with the duckweed last night and we came to an agreement. They agreed to stay in the tank and spread themselves out evenly if I promised to dose regularly with flourish once a week and provide a bit longer light period.

Of course threatening to dump them in the compost if they acted up played a fairly large role in their acquiescence... but I think they knew I was bluffing and just played along.

Damn plant unions though, these guys actually have a serious number to collectively bargain against, unlike the swords and ludwigia. Pic three is their union rep, tough nut.

Originally Posted by VerdantGrotto View Post
Have you had the LED lighting system long enough to notice any difference between it and conventional style lighting?

I also have a LED system on my tank and I've noticed that my Red Melon Sword has a tall shoot that was a bright green color up until I added Seachem Flourish (Not saying that is what causing this but). It has now turned yellow and is starting to brown. I will of course trim this piece but I wanted to see if the light was the culprit. I imagine it's not quite that simple but one has to start somewhere...
Well, this is the only light I have ever had as I an new in December to aquariums altogether... so no reference.

My red ludwigia have tons of green shoots and I am not sure if they normally start green and turn red or if they start red and mine are acting different. see pic... most are still floating awaiting my replanting. I understand that red plants are light hogs so I think that new growth is just a good sign and I will see what happens longer term with the green.

Originally Posted by VerdantGrotto View Post
Sorry for bogging your thread down but I wanted to point this out. I read this on the Marineland Frequently asked questions page...
No worries. I'm used to having threads bogged down by less on topic posts anyway. (whisper... just don't bring up water changing vs not changing.... it seems to be a point of contention....Shhhhhh!)

I read all the specs on LEDs and did the math on the Marineland single vs double bright fixtures. The doubles are far more light than the singles, more than double in fact, as mentioned in their FAQ. I would hesitate to go with a reef capable, partly due to the huge cost difference and I don't think it the right light for plants, particularly FW plants.

The last shot is a tank top shot... I like a clean installation.

Because of the LED caution with plants I started with lots of different species, 14 so far and found two that didn't make it. Cabomba and a moss ball.(I think the moss ball might have been the victim of flora discrimination on my part to be honest).

There is a shot of my swords... the brown is what came from the store, the green is mostly new growth since planting and is surpassing the old with a good number of new shoots too. While the red ludwigia is my baseline to see what minimum I need, the swords are my midline to indicate that I have enough light for plants to thrive... then there's my dwarf hygrophila , they're just monsters.

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Total years fish keeping experience: 7 months, can't start counting in years for a while yet.

The shotgun approach to a planted tank with an LED fixture

Small scale nitrogen cycle with a jar, water and fish food; no substrate, filter etc
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red plants are normally green under lowlght situations. they need to be able to collect as much light as possible... my azolla can turn existing leaves green or red. its fascinating to see.
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Originally Posted by FishyFishy89 View Post
Be careful using local plants
In my area lakes, creeks and rivers are infested with trash. While walking the "super pug" I saw medical needles floating in a connecting river.
Only thing I've found are beer bottles in the lakes. I'm lucky in that my local river is part of a conservation park, so it's always kept really clean :) It's a shame yours are so filthy :/ It may be in part that I live in a pretty remote area?
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