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confused,tank cycle,help!

This is a discussion on confused,tank cycle,help! within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by 1077 You mean besides the rosy red's? yes..adding the male betta into there...

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confused,tank cycle,help!
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Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
You mean besides the rosy red's?
yes..adding the male betta into there
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I know nothing about those minnows, but I am suspicious that a Betta is not a suitable companion. The Betta is tropical, minnows are temperate for one issue, then there is the behaviour.
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ive done some research on them.a bout a months worth..they can handle temps from a few degrees above freezing up into the 90's.mine are at about 78 and sometimes reach up to 82 when my A/C goes out.i have extra air line running to produce oxygen for them.

a gotten off of wikipedia

"These fish are social, active, and moderately hardy. "

and they do prefer temps around 70..i use to catch these for fun in Louisiana.they use to live in our sewer ditches...

id be more concerned on how the betta will treat them.but im pretty confident.not cocky but confident.

i have 4 in my 10 gallon.they are as happy as can be.they always come up to me when i go to the like pigs.hold their color.but im also wanting to keep them with a betta to do my own research so if anyone else ever wants to have them as pets and house them.atleast someone will know more about them and can give info needed :)

i also used a website that will tell u what compatible and not and if the bioload etc can handle them.

i just dont know if its safe now to add my male betta to the 10 gallon.ammonia and nitrate been at 0 for about 3-4 days.nitrate is at 5ppm and doesnt really get any higher lately.?
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