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well i guess its his fish tank. Just make sure you check your ph weekly at the minimum. Checking it every 3 days isnt to bad either
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well hopefully that would go without saying. I check mine every time I do a water change which is usually every day or every other day at the longest. I find that its much easier to keep up with the water testing if you just do it along with the water changes. Also its a pretty good idea to write down the results along with anything new you're doing with the tank so if the values suddenly change you can figure out why.
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I just made my first CO2 injector thingy today and it's working beautifully already. Thanks for being such a wealth of great advice FDStation152! It never ocurred to me to have a place for the CO2 to concentrate and fully diffuse into the water. Duh! :)
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Well I'm glad other people can learn from the mistakes I've made. I've put together some reactors in the past and had them start pumping out a ton of co2 and yet my plants didnt seem to benefit. So I started looking at the commercial products to find the differences. The diffuser they all come with is pretty much it and from my understanding its basically just there to hold the co2 in contact with the water to aid in absorption. The next logical step would be that anything that held the co2 in the water would work and so I came up with the so called shot glass method. Learned about weighing it down when one managed to float to the surface, tip, and sink fast enough to the bottom of the bare tank to crack it. It was at that time that I stopped using the heavy glass shot glasses and switched over to the lighter variety. Plastic could be the way to go. The only real requirement is that it holds down the co2 for a while.
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Cleaned-out baby food jar seems to work pretty good too ;)
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ok im taking pictures and ill post them on here soon hopfully tommorow
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the shell has been out of the tank for a few days now
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I actually add crushed coral which has both coral and shell pieces to my tanks to keep the pH right at 7.2 or there abouts. It never fluctuates from there but before I started adding it the pH dropped to 6.6 and my BN hated it. The calcium will raise you GH and the Carbonate from the shells will buffer your water and raise KH. When you are injecting CO2, you want a KH of at least 3 to keep the pH from swinging too often and too much and stressing your fish out.
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AnyWay, Here it goes:

Before Co2:

Day after Co2:

Week Later:

(that plant is there for babies that I Couldn't Catch.)
(Not For Looks)
(Its coming out when the fry are bigger.)
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