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Co2 Questions?!

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Question Co2 Questions?!

I want to get serouis about My Plants in my tank. And they seem to do alright with the Ferts and the lighting. But i want them to be so much More! So im deciding to buy a Co2 system.

I want one that Will
  • Easy to Change Co2 Bottle
  • Have an On and off vaulve So i dont waste Co2 at Night
  • Im willing to invest Money into it so i want one i wont have to replace in a year.
  • It cant be To complicated, im a newb. Willing to learn.
  • Preferably Queit. I dont know if they make Noise but if they do.
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Also my 48" 50/50 COralife 6,500k Bulb? is that enough for a 55 gallon tank?
Should i add another bulb? 10k? Or 20k? Im Confused on Whats Best For Plants.
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how many watts is the bulb?
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For CO2:

Option one
- Milwaukee regulator, solenoid, needle valve, and bubble counter.
I've never used Milwaukee, but this is a cheap deal. I can't comment on how long they last or if they are noisy or not. They are one of the more popular brands though.

- 5lbs co2 canister - I bought one of these an it is very nice, although mine wasn't on sale. I suggest ordering some plants from here too. They had some very nice plants!

-CO2 Diffuser- you want at least two. One will eventually break, they always do. I've used this seller twice and they are wonderful. If anything arrives broken they will replace it at no charge. They are located in Singapore it takes close to two weeks to get what you ordered, so be patient.

- drop checker- same seller as above.

-CO2 tubing- same seller as above. Follow those direction to attach the tubing, it works like a charm.

- you will also need a check valve after the bubble counter.

Option two

-Rex grigg's regulator- a much more expensive regulator. But it is much nicer and it could probably stop a bullet and last a lifetime. The site is kinda a build it your own, you have a couple different choices of needle valves and things. If you go with this option get the ultra-mini manifold thingy, have him send it uninstalled. The manifold can allow you to supply co2 to 3 tanks using one regulator and canister. Though each tank would need its own needle valve, bubble counter, and diffuser. He sells EI ferts if you want those.

-you would also need the canister, diffuser, and drop checker from option one.

I have the rex regulator w/ a 5lb co2 tank, it fits under my 55gal stand. The canister costs about $12 to fill at a local paintball shop. It lasts 3-4 months, so upkeep of a system is pretty low. It's the initial cost that hurts.
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