Co2 Occasionally ?
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Co2 Occasionally ?

This is a discussion on Co2 Occasionally ? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Must you maintain co2 once you start or is it safe to give say weekly to boost plants health? Theres also ph alterations too. ...

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Co2 Occasionally ?

Must you maintain co2 once you start or is it safe to give say weekly to boost plants health? Theres also ph alterations too. I ask this because the retailer i buy plants from has added co2 to his tanks and once planted the plants seem to go bad for a week then perk back up ( for the most part) and i never had trouble with these particular plants.
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Plants grow using the sugars they produce through photosynthesis; to do this, they need light and CO2 and nutrients, and in the aquarium these must be balanced. It is a daily process, programmed by evolution/nature. My experience (and from what I've read from those who know far more about this than I do) is that consistency day to day is important.

I've never used CO2 because I am able to get the look I want without it. Others who have CO2 experience may have more advice. From my perspective, this would be similar to saying that you're only going to turn the lights on for one or two days a week--that won't work.
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CO2 outgasses pretty quickly, in a matter of hours depending on aeration and surface disturbance. Adding some once a week would will result in fluctuations that will likely induce agae blooms. The need for CO2 is determined by lighting, more light demands more CO2. If the lighting is high enough CO2 must be supplemented by either injection or flourish excel, the latter is margianlly effective at best IME, and this supplementation must be kept consistent. Essentially you either do it or you don't, depending on you set up, goals, maintenance desires, etc. HTH!
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Fluctuating levels of CO2 has been shown to CAUSE algae and some of the worst out breaks I have ever seen, both from others and my own tanks.

If you do CO2, you want to keep your levels as constant as possible day and night and do not turn it off and on for a week here, week there, etc.

Excel, although somewhat expensive, is an excellent choice for any planted tank. But again, dose it right and don't only dose it for a couple days until the plants look good and then stop.
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