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Chemical filtration

This is a discussion on Chemical filtration within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> For Byron, Moneymitch & JDM, I submitted an article to "Aquarium frontiers" magazine and it was publish in 2002. The title is "AIR QUALITY: ...

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For Byron, Moneymitch & JDM,

I submitted an article to "Aquarium frontiers" magazine and it was publish in 2002. The title is "AIR QUALITY: The effects of carbon dioxide on pH".
At the time, the article was aimed at the marine hobby but I believe it has implications for the fresh water hobby too. I noticed that you gentlemenl have mentioned where and how CO2 is produced but you have overlooked other sources of CO2. The buildup of CO2 from humans and indoor appliances, especially overnight when all windows are closed and the residence does not have a fresh air intake on their heating/airconditioning system and its well sealed. Take a look at the article and data I presented.
Short Take: Indoor Air Quality: The Effects Of Carbon Dioxide On pH — Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog

My email address given in the article is no longer valid.

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Thanks for that link, interesting article.

We had a brief discussion in another thread along those lines but had no concrete numbers to support any arguments directly. I am surprised by how much the concentration of CO2 builds up based on one body in a room.

My example doesn't really take that into account but in my particular situation it is not a concern. Both my aquarium and jug project are in an open concept home with no doors and 1970's construction. The buildup of CO2 at any time is going to be minimal due to the house "breathing" and the large open space where the tanks are.

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I have four low tech planted tanks running currently. Two have supplemental aeration with air stones and are fairly heavily stocked with fish. Two are "appropriately" stocked and only receive water movement from moderate power filtration. I added the supplemental aeration as a result of advice from a friend with beautiful plants. I told him that the plants in one tank seemed to have hit a wall and the other tank had algae problems. His advice seems to be working with both tanks. I can't say that this will work in every instance and I am still on the fence when it comes to additional surface agitation in a low tech planted tank. The surface of the aerated tanks isn't boiling but, there is definitely an increase in current. At this point, I would say that, if you like the bubbles, they're probably not going to hurt anything.
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Thank you, Robert. Very interesting.
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It would have been interesting if at the time I had a fresh water tank with plants; then I would know how much ambient CO2 can affect pH on fresh water tanks. My present residence is not as well sealed and I do not think the ambient CO2 can get high enough to effect the pH that much.

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IME the presence of plants trumps the ambient CO2 in the room.

my .02
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