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Well it looks like ill have to get the moss online. I cant decide if I want java or christmas
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Originally Posted by redchigh View Post
If you go to the classifieds or just look around online, you might be able to find some cladophora algae that will attach easily.

It's an invasive algae, and technically the same species as the moss ball. (Just doesn't stay in a ball)
I'm sure you could get it for free..

Here's an ADA entry called 'Algae-scape' that uses it extensively.
unrelated, but VEEERRRY cool and pretty and awesome.
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wait so the real marimo ball/algae will attach? that green ball that when split or meshed is simply one blob of algae? it attaches?

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Pretty certain I have real marimo moss attached to wood. I've had mine for 4 years or so and it never attached to anything before. I rubber banded it to some wood and while it didn't attach I think some of it transfered to the wood because once I gave up and removed the original piece the moss started growing there. Whatever it is its growing really really slow.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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You might find someone that can ship you some Java moss in this forum. Post that you want some java moss. It grows fast and can be shipped in an envelope with it wrapped in wet paper towel and in a plastic zip lock bag. Going back east with the heat wave I would pay someone for the priority mail small flat rate box cost is $4.95 ship Monday you will get it on Wednesday.

If I had more I would send you some. I have java moss and java ferns attached to driftwood that I weighed down with rocks til it got water logged. I used clear fishing line to attched the ferns and java moss. If you use driftwood at the beach boil it first or anything you get in a river or stream to kill any bad stuff in it. You can also use those leaded aquarium anchos for plants to attach to the bottom of some java fern and have it grow like that on the bottom. I also use a plastic suction cup and put a hole thu that and put a tie wrap thu and push some java moss thu that to have it like a floating tank plant. This keeps it from moving around in your tank.

Just so you know Java moss and java ferns can grow in a low light tanks. I'm not sure about the Christmas moss you would have to look that up. I just have a standard fluorescent bulb that came with my tank, no C02, light on for 9 hrs on a timer.

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i actually attached (super glued) marimo ball to some driftwood 2 days ago. i made a thread on this a few days ago. check it out. Im posting pics of it tomorrow

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