Can I trim Cambodia?
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Can I trim Cambodia?

This is a discussion on Can I trim Cambodia? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> I have it in my 10 gallon and it has really grown a lot. I would like to trim it a bit to make ...

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Can I trim Cambodia?

I have it in my 10 gallon and it has really grown a lot. I would like to trim it a bit to make it shorter if it ok to. Also if I can how should I do it and will the trimmings grow if I put them in another tank?

Edit: Sorry I spelled it wrong it is Cabomba plant.

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Like all stem plants, cabomba can be trimmed. Cut off the top portions (can use a sharp knife or scissors, I just use my fingernail to break the stem) and stick the cut ends in the substrate. They will grow. Most of us find we need to do this weekly with most stem plants anyway to prevent them from growing across the surface (unless you want them to) or to remove the usually leaf-less lower portion of the stem.

If the water in both tanks is the same with respect to parameters (including temp) the transferred cabomba should be fine. If for some reason the parameters are vastly different, some plants take some adjustment. I don't know how sensitive cabomba is to this, so just a thought.

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Thank you Byron the water parameters are about the same in all my tanks so I should not have a problem. Thank you again for helping me with my planted tanks it has added a new adventure to fish keeping and I love the way they look.
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+1 to what B said...They do take faster/ easier thou if you're able to pinch off a good 2" (obviously you can cut or pinch shorter pieces too...just the longer they are the better they seem to take quicker when replanted).
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Thanks Angel they have grow up and are streching across the top of the tank so I plan on trimming off a good 4-5 inches at least so that should be plenty.
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