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Byron/ What about these

Okay I took those ribbon plants back to pet smart today and explained to her that I had reshearched the plant and found it not good for aquariums. She argued a bit and said everyone always loved them and they were fine. She finally ended up taking them back. So anyway I took another shot at what they had in stock so how about these.
Amazon Sword- Echinodorus amazonicus bought 4 I did notice a slighly different name from what you gave me in previous thread.

Umbrella-Spathiphyllum wallisii bought only one as I was not to sure about it.

and that grass name from earlier thread is Kyoto Grass or Ophiopogon Japonica ,,, Im thinking these are not very desireable as mentioned earlier from you.
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Amazon sword can grow huge under good conditions by the way. I got some before knowing this and planted them way too close together...They do look fantastic though and are my favourite plant in my tank

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wow that is a beautiful sword plant! wow.

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Wow is right! Beautiful sword!
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not my sword by the way! just a pic i found to demonstrate how big they can get
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wow that is one lush looking plant, makes you want to cut the top off and add some dressing for lunch. I hope mine looks that good only smaller.
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Brad, Amazon sword will be perfect, whatever species it is. Most likely it is Echinodorus bleherae [may be spelled bleheri]. In my experience it grows to the tank; the bigger the tank, the larger (taller) it will get. Lovely plant.

The Spathiphyllum wallisii will work; it is not a true aquatic, but Hiscock has it listed in his aquatic plants section and says it will survive submerged and be healthy for months and sometimes years. This is actually the common house plant "Peace Lily."

The Ophiopogon japonicus as I mentioned earlier is also not a true aquatic but does do well submerged. I have seen these in aquaria many times, I had one years ago, can't remember how it did, but Hiscock says it does well in most aquaria. It is quite a unique plant, different from most true aquatics, so worth having.


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