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Better carpeting plant

I have a 10 gallon tank, 15 watt bulbs X2, and flourite substrate, heavily planted...

anyway, in this tank i have a carpet of microsword,.... for a while i loved the microsword but it grows waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to slow!!! ive had this plant for 2 years and it hasnt even covered half the tank yet!!!! I love the height of this plant (less than half an inch) and even does alright when shaded by the crypt plants.

plus theres alot of empty patches where for some reason, the microsword sent loonnggg runners that leaves an empty area...

anyway, what plants would you recommend? theres alot of shaded areas in the tank.

what would you think would be an ideal carpet for this tank? Im thinking dwarf baby tears, riccia fluitans (crystalwort) or maybe even glossostigma.

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Glosso is easier to grow than HC for a carpet. At least in my experience.

Was your microsword received potted or was it already separated? n00b mistake by me was throw the entire potted plant into the tank expecting good growth. I got much better growth by separating everything and planting each node individually.
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Yea microword looks great, but is too slow of a grower. I find that dwarf chain sword grows very well for a carpet but it looks more spidery than even and in shaded areas the leaves get very long.

Ive always wanted to try glosso, it seems like a good carpet plant, but ive heard they can get quite tall if not trimmed regularly. Dwarf baby Tears is really difficult to grow, they always melt in my tank and i have a ton of light.

How do you keep your microsowrd down? mine area ll 1-2 inches tall, 1/2 inch would be amazing for me, but i cant seems to keep them short. I also heard that triming microsword like grass, just cutting off the top to the desired length, will encourage it to grow new leaves and spread faster. I haven't tried that yet but thats what ive read about it.
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hmm ive lost all patience with microsword :/ will any of these carpeting plants be ok in shaded areas?

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Glosso is strange in my tanks. They usually grow runners and go from there. In my 60g, I just pulled about 15-20 nodes and planted them individually and made sure the roots were in the substrate. They have been throwing runners all over instead of growing up. In my small tank, it grows up with few runners. As for any plant that you want to carpet well, you need light/co2/supplements (in my experience).
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I use dwarf sag. By far my favorite.

In my 10G with 20W of CFL lighting, it averages about an inch, but spreads ike crazy.

In lower light it gets taller though... I use no CO2.

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Strong light is usually the best for keeping plants low, co2 and ferts just cause them to spread faster. If some areas are shaded the natural increase in height might give your aquascape more flow.
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