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Best Plant For Breeding Tank?

Hello Everyone.

Im not sure if this should go in the plants section or the breeding or what, i supose it applys to either.

Anyway, I am quite new to breeding, but I have a nice tank ready to set up. I have read in alot of posts that floating plants are good to help fry to survive.
But I have not seen one of these posts mention what plant is good to use. Can anyone please tell me a plant to use?

Thanks for reading.
P.S I am new to this Forum so this may have been answered but i have looked though a few pages...
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mosses are good for fry and hornwart and cobomba

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I will look out for that when i go to my LPC tomorrow.

I will look into it abit more in internet, i just need a guide line of what i need. The internet is confusing when you are clueless
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I have some java moss. Not sure how well it is going to root as of yet. I have heard that it can form a carpet over the bottom of the aquarium, as well as be floated on top. Both uses would be good for fry though.

I would think anything that is dense and has small leaves would work well too.
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I don't know


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Java moss, Christmas moss, Taiwan moss, star grass, najas guadalupensis, dwarf baby tears.......
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a few larger rocks can also work well with fry.
if you plan on using rocks found from outside, first put it into a container with vinegar, if you see bubbles then this is best kept as a "pet rock" and kept away from your aquarium.
i would NOT suggest boiling rocks to clean them, they can EXPLODE due to water and air trapped inside them. (there was a sticky thread on here somewhere actually)
you can use an old toothbrush with just water to scrub them and then soak them for a few days in a seperate container or use a 1:20 bleach/water mixture to scrub and soak your rocks in, just rinse them thoroughly and possibly soak in clean water for a day or 2 (this is probally the better solution for removing bacteria and whatevers on your rocks)
NEVER USE SOAP TO CLEAN A ROCK! (residue will be left and leach into your water, killing your livestock)
if you are using store bought aquarium rocks, id personally use some sort of cleaning method for these as well, ATLEAST do a thorough rinse.
The way a few large rocks piled together is simple - it creates holes small enough for fry to get in and out but not big enough for adult fish to be welcome
(hope someone finds this somewhat useful ENJOY!)
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Java moss is useful for mantaining minimal nitrates, and hiding fry. Cabomba and hornwort are good. Riccia is a good floating plant for betta breeding.

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Riccia or red root floater for a floaitng plant.
Pearl weed for a bottom plant. It grows really thick and can hide a ton of fry. It was also easy to grow for me where mosses can be harder to keep looking good and healthy.

Marbles on the bottom in a 3-4 layers will hide more fry than you may want to survive but is still an option and makes cleaning a breeze. Just watch out not to suck up the fry.
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Thanks for the replys, Im just going to have to see what I can get my hands on. I have noticed that im my local area there is not much choice of plant. They all seem to be the same, nothing exotic or rare.
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