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stay away from ludwigia- too demanding, and why does everyone recommend the swords- its only 10 gal right?
Low light- you should stick to stems with small leaves that will allow for light penetration.
low lying plants will have to be hardy if there is little light available, tennelus would be hardy for you.
java fern any crypts you like, blyxia japonice, didplis diandra, to name a few that might work.
What you have to remember is that you are creating an eco system, in order for it to work you have to provide a balance between light nutrients and CO2 getting the balance right is the challenge in the hobby.
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Originally Posted by fuzz16
lighting is not as important as CO2 when it comes to plants. people think that just because you have a lot of light and laterite your plants will grow...not true.

some of the plants youll be able to keep in 2wpg is water wisteria(which is messy), java moss or java fern(java fern shouldnt be planted it will kill it) red wentii is a beautiful plant and low light, very nice touch of color. ancharis(fast grower but hard to keep planted sometimes)
Light is more important than CO2 in terms of survival, CO2 is more important in terms of growth
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Light and CO2 have a functional relationship when it comes to both growth and survival. CO2 added to a lower light tank will increase health and growth. More light without CO2 is askling for algae problems. Plants need a carbon source to be healthy and there are only two ways to get it, CO2 injection or Excel. Yes there are plants that can and will grow without either but their growth rates and overall health will be better with some source of carbon.

Any typical sword will outgrow a tank in a hurry if the conditions are even close to good for plants, with or without CO2. Tennelus would work if you dose regularly because it needs a lot of nutrients and descent light. Crypt Lucens and the other smaller crypts are perfect as well. I hae never had a problem with Ludwigia repens and it grows the best out of all my plants even when I don't dose so I am not sure why it wouldn't work.

The key to all of this is you are going to go through some plants to try and find what works and doesn't work in your aquarium. Experimentatioon is the only real way to find the plants that will grow i your tank the way you want it to be.
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i have a Ludwigia i removed it from my planted tank because it was doing nothing but it seems to grow nicely floating around the top of my firemouth setup in an un-organised mess
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