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here is a picture of the tank in its current state- may add more plants and bits when i find out if the plants will actually grow!
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It seems your neon tetras are not neons after all. They're cardinal tetras, Lowee.:) Cardinals have red coloration reaching the head whereas neons have it only on the rear part.:)
Cardinals are also bigger when compared with neons so you're in good hands when mixing them with the angelfish. Angelfish tend to eat anything that fit in their mouths. Your guppies might be the likely victims of the angelfish but I doubt it with females which are bigger than the males.
Edit: Dawn mentioned it previously. Sorry for that.

Welcome aboard by the way. And good luck with the hobby.

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Oh ok, thanks for that!
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i think your angels would be ok with guppies until the females are pregnant, then they are food! lol.
I wouldnt keep angels with pearl gouramis, it just wont work, pearls have lovely long feeler things-sorry dont know enough about this fish so i dont know what this is called. But they will be the first to go. Angels think it is there right to peck at anything they want.
Cardinals should be ok aslong as they are adult by the time the other inhabitants have matured, a fully grown cardinal is an impressive fish.

You only asked about light in your message to me, so i only aswered with regard to light. i take it you are passed the initial set up stage.
If you want help i would suggest you post exaclty what your setup is, but if you are happy with the way things are going then sitback and enjoy ;)
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Ok, thanks Andrew. Yes at the weekend i went out and bought a 55W T5 bulb, to go with my current 25W bulb giving me around 1.8WPG. I also bought some Nutrafin plant fertiliser. Will keep you posted on the growth of the plants or any other probelms im having.
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By the way, when should i expect to see some real plant growth?
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well growth near enough within week 1- but once you have the chemistry sorted and the plants are settled and have developed their roots, you will see real progress in 3 months.
Of course the more you provide for you plant in terms of its natural habitat requirements then the faster you will see an impact.
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ok, thanks Andrew, one thing i noticed today was on one of my new smaller foreground plants, in little thin strips the leaves seem to be turning brown (not algae) and almost rotting away. I fear that soon the whole plant will share the same fate. Can you give me any help on this?
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I have just bought 2 hagen nutrafin CO2 systems for my tank, so do you think it would be worth upgrading my lighting to over 2WPG (atm its about 1.7).
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Ok, first I want to say that it looks like you have at least 2 if not 4 plants that are not truely aquatic. I can't really tell but a close up of the ends and the middle will help to identify them. A good description could help or you can click HERE to try and identify them. It will tell you if they are aquatic or not.

The next thing is you are getting up to medium light for a 45 gallon so CO2 would definately benefit you. I would also recommend either a large HOB filter or a canster and they both work just fine for planted tanks. Any CO2 is always better tha non until you really get a good grasp on plants and their needs.

Your substrate should grow plants fine but needs to be a little deeper, 2-3 inches is a good range for plants as it supports the large root systems that some plants can get and also allows for more surface area for bacteria to break down the mulm and fish waste into useful nitrients for the plants. I have standard epoxy gravel and soe river gravel in mine and I can grow pretty much any plant I want to that fits my lighting.

I thikn the best piece of advice I can give is be patient. Plants will grow better in time once they have the nitrients they need and descent lighitng but it can take some time. Don't give up on it because planted tanks are very rewarding but can be very frustrating. Keep on the right track, ask lots of quesitns and you will learn to grow plants and be successful.

As for undergravel heaters, have no experience with them so I can't help there.
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