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back of tank?

i have seen all sorts of scenes for sale to put on back of tank. i dont really like those. it looks like alot of planted tanks that i see pics of have a dark back ground. the wall behind my tank is kinda light colored. i think the dark back ground makes the tanks look nice.
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You can paint it....

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yeah paint, construction paper, whatever. Just food for thought, in the pet stores that sell tank backgrounds, the backside of the blue one is usually black :)

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Just be careful not to get a shiny (glossy) black, which is what the commercial backgrounds tend to be. It will act something like a mirror for certain fish who will never leave the back of the tank but stay challenging their own reflections. It also is more noticeable as the back, whereas something like flat black like common black constructuion paper will be somewhat "invisible" with fish and plants, tending to deepen the tank depth front to back.

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I am also looking for backgrounds, and I am hooked on to the one described in this video at around 2 min mark:
Oliver Knott @ The Green Machine Aquascaping Demo (Part 1 of 4) Full Video - YouTube
Oliver Knott was demonstrating aquascaping at a shop in UK.
It is a milky anti static film. Clings to the aquarium back with just water and can be removed. I have not scoured through the hardware stores for this yet. I am sure there is something like this readily available in shops.
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I have seen stuff sorta similar to this to go on bathroom windows for privacy. I never would have thought of using it for a background, but it would be... amazing. I think I like having a dark background, but it would be wild to experiment with.

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@beetlebz: Walmart carries the window/door films with some really nice natural designs too. They say it is removable but I don't think it is a cling on. It is a glue on.
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That stuff I have used before, it goes on like adhesive wall paper. I dont imagine it would be bad either, but the stuff on the video looks flawless!.

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@beetlebz: Exactly! I can't seem to settle my mind for anything else.
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I use black vinyl on the back of my tanks and love it. It is a ROYAL PAIN to install though if the tank is already setup and you are trying to do it with only a few inches of clearnence. It's the stuff they use to make the window decals for cars. We have rolls of it at work so I snagged a dozen or so feet . I'm using this royal blue vinyl on the back of my reef tank and it looks just like the real ocean (I've logged over 300 saltwater dives) and sitting on a stool in front of the tank it feels like your peering past the reef into the abyss.

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