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Apongenton Ulvacues (sp?)

I just bought one and wondering if there is any special care I should know about. I have it in my 20 gal tall with goldies and I planted it in top soil covered with gravel and large rocks to contain dirt. I have half the bulb burried and the root system exposed, I am keeping an eye on the gold fish to see if they start devouring it. So far so good as the goldies go. I do not use ferts or cO2 and it is the only plant in their as of now. I do not have a light yet for this tank but it is in the window and gets indirect sun light at night I use a lamp with a sun light/fluorescent.[/list]
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BIG plant. It will get HUGE, then die back. Not to worry it will come back.I had mine in a 15g tall and it filled half of the tank.
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I wanted a big plant, so that's good to hear. Is there anything special you do, or is it easyily cared for. Also I heard you have to winter it in a dark container or something weird like that. http://www.aquariumplants.com/Aponog...us_p/ap055.htm
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I leave mine in the tank. I also use root tabs, since it is somewhat of a nutrient hog when in foliage.
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