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Amazon Swords?

This is a discussion on Amazon Swords? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by love_my_fish Also, are you suppose to trim the roots of amazon swords? Yes. If they keep growing, then you will find ...

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Originally Posted by love_my_fish
Also, are you suppose to trim the roots of amazon swords?
Yes. If they keep growing, then you will find yourself shock by how long has the roots grown since you planted it.

There's no harm done on cutting plants. Just do like what you do in your garden.
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i dont cut roots of plants, but do you mean the runners that sprout at the surface?
well every 6 months is what you are meant to do, but thats is extreme, i think every 6 months if you have a large bank of tubes, then you rotate them so you dont have to buy them all at once- i think once a year for each tube- i wouldnt advise to change more than half any one time as the suddent change in light levels might damage your plants.
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I have what I think is a couple of amazon swords in my 22 UK gallon tank. I have never really looked after my plants, it's the fish I'm worried about, but they were my first plant, bought around 5 months ago, and still going strong! Shows how hardy they are!
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When I had my Red Melon Sword, my BN left it alone. If I didn't add a root tab once every couple months they would start to show deficiencies until I adde CO2 and started dosing all nutrients. Once I did that the sword outgrew my 10 gallon tank in 3 weeks. If you really want them to getlarge, root tabs will hep this and alsdo help with the deficiencies, ifthey exist. Just make sure to use a complete tab like the ones from flourish if you don't fertilize the tank.

And I grew mine in standard epoxy aquarium gravel with no problem. The root system was the size of a softball cut in half. Mind you this was with dosing the tank and putting root tabs under the roots every 2 months.
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