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New post not née post. LoL sorry

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Here are the pics of the plants...can they be saved?
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I am no plant expert by no means!!

So with that said I just read your last post where you answered Chesh questions. You mentioned you use API leaf zone. If I am not mistaken that has very little nutrients for plants. There is something like 17 different nutrients they need. You really should use a well rounded fertilizer such as Sechems Flourish Comprehensive plant supplement there is another one as well um Brightwell aquatics florinmulti. Both of those have what is needed for the plants. I personally use Flourish as that's what I can get locally. Also heavy root feeders do best with a root tab as mentioned. Swords, crypts, and Vals are some examples of heavy root feeders.

Second Eco complete if I am not mistaken doesn't have very much nutrients but it does have a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), which is basically the ability for a substrate to take nutrients out of the water column and supply them to plant roots. So over time you will need to add fertilizer. I had this substrate once and still had to dose liquid fertilizer.

So to your question can they be saved???
I don't know. If it was me and I was in your shoes. I would trim off all the dead leaves. Get a well rounded fertilizer and hope for the best. Oh and maybe ask some ones else opinion as that never hurts.

PS. What kind of lights do you have?? How old are the bulbs??
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It's happened to others so you are not alone, but it's disappointing to say the least. Are you on town or well water? I'm assuming town since you're using Prime. One cause could be a sudden change in the tap water parameters. Any another possibility is your son grab a bottle that looked similar to the Prime bottle and used that. I speak from personal experience with the possibility. Imagine my self directed anger when I realized I was treating tap water with plant fertilizer!!
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*HUGS* They were so beautiful, oh I KNOW how heartbroken you are! I wish I had something to add here, but BDM and Chuck pretty much covered all I can think of, too! I'm no pro, either. . .

Leave any leaf that you think looks like it stands a chance of rebounding, but prune off all the dead leaves *cries*- you want to get them out of the tank, they aren't doing any good in there

I also use liquid ferts by Seachem, so second that recommendation - its good stuff, and has everything the plants need in a good balance. The same company also makes I linked to Amazon so you can see an image of what we're talking about, but both of these should be really easy to find anywhere - PetSmart carries both, as does almost every fish shop I've ever been in. . .

These are great products, but since your plants have been doing so well up until this point, I have to assume that you've managed to find a good balance in your tank, and that the ferts you have been using, along with the substrate, and fish waste has been sufficient to get the plants what they need. Which is FANTASTIC! Except that it doesn't help us figure out what went wrong.

I've seen similar looking leaves on one of my swords when the lights in that tank needed to be replaced. Even though they aren't burned out, tank lights start to lose power after about 9-12 months or so (I shoot for 9 months on my tanks, but everyone has their own way). If the lights haven't been changed since start-up in December of last year, they're probably due . . . but with my sword, it was a gradual process, and not nearly so extreme! So. . . more good advice, but if this happened all of the sudden after one water change, and everything was perfect until then - lighting doesn't explain such a sudden and dramatic decline in their health, either!

Temps are fine, the plants are established (I'm with you! HATE that acclimatization process!), buckets kept clean. . . I'm leaning toward Chuck's theory here - I know I've grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake before, and also have come *THIS CLOSE* to forgetting to de-chlorinate altogether! We all make mistakes. If your son accidentally didn't dechlorinate at all, that would effect the fish - but the plants would probably have been fine - chlorine doesn't bother them (crypts would maybe be a different story, but I doubt you'd see melting from swords) UNLESS he somehow grabbed a bottle of something else. I hate to suggest that such a thing happened, but it could fit - depending on what might have been added to the system.

Otherwise. . . *grasps at straws* was anything done around the house that day? Any unusual chemicals sprayed? Maybe carpets were being washed, the house bombed for insects, or any painting/construction projects going on? Even perfumes or hair sprays? A bit of a stretch, I'm just trying to think of anything. . .

I'm going to see if I can point some other members in this direction in the hopes that we can get some new thoughts on what could have caused this. I'm really sorry I can't be of much help. I just. . .can't think of what it could have been! Whatever it was, I hope most sincerely that it never happens again! Hopefully we can figure SOMETHING out!

P.S. I'm also a sucker for black sand, the 60 looks like it's on its way to being gorgeous. I know I'm not alone when I say we'd LOVE to see pics of your tanks! Now that you've decided to come out of hiding you should share! We're not going to let a fellow fish geek go back into hiding without a fight!!! ^.^
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I'm stumped, too. The only thing I can recommend would be to call the water company and see if something's up with the water (I live in FL too and have also been getting torrents of rain, but haven't noticed anything in the tap...*fingers crossed*).

If the company says the tap hasn't changed, I'd do lots of water changes, just in case something else my have gotten into the system.

Agree with pruning dead leaves, and then I guess it's just a wait and see :( So sorry this happened to you!

Do you have the API Liquid Test kit? Are you able to test the numbers in the tank?

Also, in the first pic...what plant is that?
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Just did a bit of brainstorming...have any meds been used in the tank? Anything that could have accidentally been introduced? Has AQ salt ever been used in the tank?
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I have a couple questions for you.
Do you live where you have a municipal water supply? (city water) If so, when the weather gets hot municipalities will add chloramine A combination of chlorine, and ammonia. It takes a little more water conditioner to break the bond between the two, and detoxify. This could explain the fish deaths. I don't believe your sudden fish loss, and plant degrade are connected. The plants are starving. First thing you might want to do is trim all dead, or dying leaves off. This will let the plant try to feed the existing good leaves, and not waste energy on the dying leaves. You need some Seachem root tabs for the Swords. It will take a bit for the plant to start uptaking the nutrients, Also I would recommend getting Seachem Flourish Comprehensive. It is a decent fert for most plants. Once you gain more experience you might think about checking into PPS Pro dry fetrs. You get way more for your money with them, as you are not paying for 95%water. Also I would recommend startind to dose Seachem Excel. If you have Anacharis, Valeseneria, or Cabomba then the Excel is out, it will melt the named plants down. It will take time, but the plants should be salvageable.
You have a lot of info now from all the posters to get you on the road to recovery for your plants.
We will all try to help you out!!
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I think you've heard most of the possibilities for what happened. I suspect elevated chlorine, but I've never had my plants impacted like that! The only time I've seen anything similar was when I dipped every plant from a tank in a 5% bleach solution due to horrible BBA.

It's ok to leave the dying leaves on the plants. Dead leaves are ok to remove but won't hurt the plant at all, they just look messy. Plants can recover some nutrients from dying (but not dead) leaves sometimes. Disrupt the plants as little as possible, add some root tabs if you don't already (swords really feed heavily from the roots), and add a good balanced fertilizer. From what little I've read the Leaf Zone may not have as much phosphate/phosphorus as Flourish comprehensive. I'm not certain exactly what's in the Leaf Zone, but if it's been working for you, it's probably fine.

The swords may recover, or you may lose some. Give them some time and TLC via fertilizers and root tabs.
Using Excel (Glutaraldehyde) will make the recovery faster, but as already mentioned, Excel will "take out" certain plants! Other Excel-sensitive plants include Dwarf Sag and Java moss.

Good Luck!
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18 species/varieties of fish, 15 species/varieties of plants - The fish are finally ahead of the plants!
*560 gallons (2120 liters) in 5 tanks -> you do the math.

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Can the chlorine level really get elevated that much? I would think that anything that "makes tap water safe for fish" would be able to handle any level that's legal in tap water. :X Scary that this could happen at random, if this is the case. :/
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fish dying , plants dying

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