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Algae Outbreak

This is a discussion on Algae Outbreak within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by kfryman Will Prime affect the nutrients when I add them after a water change? If so I will add two days ...

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Originally Posted by kfryman View Post
Will Prime affect the nutrients when I add them after a water change? If so I will add two days later.
According to Seachem when I specifically asked about this, yes. Prime (and any other water conditioner that detoxifies heavy metals) will bind minerals such as iron, copper, nickel, zinc and manganese--all of which are heavy metals--making them unavailable. Prime is effective for 24-36 hours. Seachem suggested using Flourish 24 hours after Prime. This may be over-cautious...but waiting a day won't do any harm.
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Okay, I thanks for that, I don't want to be dosing Flourish, and it not being effective.

I havent seen an increase in hair algae or noticeable amount of growth, which is awesome since that means that it should be balanced a bit more. Oh and the siesta did cause the algae outbreak as my 5 gallon that is on the same timer got some algae as well. Luckily with the ligjt timer i can effectively have a constant time and easily adjust that time.

So as a part of trying to keep more CO2 in the tank, I directed the filter flow to where it doesn't cause surface disturbance. It shows ne how much the plants are pearling though, matter of fact I just saw my rotala pearling.
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Sounds like things are settling down. Nice to hear that.
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