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I wasn't really worried about it, but I cut the lights and stuff and all seemed well, but now it has started growing on my crypt leaves, and the Anubias, and bamboo leaves! Arrrggg!! I've been pulling out all the leaves with algae on them and completely cutting. The light for half of the day, but if I keep pulling out leaves left and right like this my planted tank will be no more:(
The only place it's not growing is my java fern haha;)
Any more ideas or thoughts?
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what is your ammonia at ?
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I'm not sure, I really should check though. I've been doing lots of water changes but my tank is overstocked, I'm upgrading to a 20g this week hopefully. My test kit is for saltwater reef tanks...can I still use it for the freshwater too?
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I just tested based one some online fw API cards, so the results are a bit iffy. Ut I'm coming out around
0.5 ammonia
0 nitrite
5.0 nitrate.
That seems relatively ok... I'll keep doing water changes every day for a while
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i've heard before that staghorn algae 'likes' ammonia

i've got experience that says yes this is accurate. twice i've had this algae appear when ammonia was an issue, ...

first because i jumped the gun on putting fish in the tank before it completed it's cycle
second when i had a ph shift that shifted abundant ammonium into ammonia.

in both cases as it got under control staghorn algae dissapeared.

i am deeply sorry about my reference to cladophoria algae, (it's been what my tank has been battling for awhile now)
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Oh yeah, that's probably it. Upgrading this week...yaaaay!!
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could ignore water changes for a bit, or slow down

as your nitrogen cycle bacteria develops it will handle the ammonia for you

keep your pH ... wherever your PH is
below 6.5 you've got no ammonia to speak off, ... even if you pour pure ammonia in the tank (hypothetical & theoretical here), ... the PH will convert it to a non-toxic ammonium

if you've got pH higher (say 7.0 or higher) ammonia will be converted through the nitrogen cycle

regardless, just keep it stable and i think things should solve themselves, ... it's when it fluctuates that there are problems.

as the ph rises the ammonia rises and bacteria are not in place to deal with it, ... as it falls, those bacteria may die off, then as it rises again once more they're not at a population to help your tank out

just keep your pH stable and that's good
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