Alagae on Sword Plant
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Alagae on Sword Plant

This is a discussion on Alagae on Sword Plant within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> I have a sword plant in my tank. But it has this green slimy stuff growing on it. I have no clue what it ...

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Alagae on Sword Plant
Old 03-03-2011, 08:20 AM   #1
Alagae on Sword Plant

I have a sword plant in my tank. But it has this green slimy stuff growing on it. I have no clue what it is,or how I can stop it. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks!
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Is it just on the plant? Have you tried cleaning it off and seeing if it comes back?
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If it's growing on a plant too thick, it can kill the plant. A picture would help... What color is the algae?

If it's blue-ish green, then you have a real problem. BBA is extremely difficult to eliminate. The normal algae tactics will work with enough determination though..

1.Cut down on the light intensity if possible.
2.Shorten the day length by one hour.
3.Add more fast-growing plants (floating plants or stem plants).
4. Dose with a comprehensive liquid fertiliser like flourish comprehensive once a week.
5. Manual removal.

The only time I had problems with BBA and algae in general is when I had an ammonia spike combined with too much light. Plants won't absorb all the ammonia/nitrogen unless it has sufficient amounts of other dominant nutrients.

In the words of Byron, a small amount of algae is normal in a planted tank and unavoidable. You have more than the normal amount, which is caused by an imbalance of the plants' needs: light-nutrients-CO2. Healthy plant growth suppresses algae.

Rather than add to what I call the holy trinity ( ) it's much better to take away. The liquid fert is different, since it's only bringing balance. Plants need 3 Macro-nutrients (N-P-K). N is usually plentiful in an average aquarium, but P and K are often lacking, and in soft water you're often lacking micro-nutrients as well.

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The slime is dark green. I have cleaned it off before, but it always grows back. It is also spreading to other items in my aquarium.
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I agree get some fast growing plants. I like Wisteria and Pennywort. They can either be floated or planted. They grow so rapidly it helps a lot. Also once a week dosing of Seachem's Flourish Comprehensive Supplement for the planted tank. I do use Root tabs around my swords as well but you might not need them.

The other things suggested to me was Amano Shrimp. I don't know what type of algae they will and will not eat though. Best to try the other things first as adding someone to your tank might through off the other balance. Fish eating shrimp etc... :)
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