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I am looking into buying some more live plants into my 20 gal tank. Right now I have two anubias plants and two java ferns, although I might be losing one since I'm still a rookie. Even though both have growth rates, right now looking to add a few more to help not only give the tank a more nature but also to help maintain a more natural cycle when compared to using an air stone. I am looking into buying some hornworts and moss balls, but I'm also willing to take any advice given. I am looking for something easy for beginners, can grow in regular gravel and won't become a target for my pleco, although he seems to prefer the driftwood to chew on, and for some reason ignores the algae on the tank that grew because of the plants. Right now I have just introduced three nertie snails to help with the problem, but if they don't last by the next month, I'm going to start hoping that the place I'm ordering them from has some oto catfish consider the stuff I hear about other algae eaters.
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Hornwort seems to be pretty versatile. Some use it as a floating plant. I prefer to put it in the gravel. I don't know what your 'regular gravel' is but I use Seachem Fluorite. Most stem plants I have have grown some sort of root system. Not the hornwort. It is a pretty good and FAST grower. At least in my tank. I got a lot and didn't realize how quickly it grows. I know I will have too much. If you plant it it won't stop growing at the surface. It just starts to bend at the surface and continue growing. You definitely don't need a lot. I also have some Rotala Rotundifolia and I really like it.
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Regular gravel as in the stuff you buy off the shelf at walmart. Anyway, from what I've heard, some fish might have some fun with the moss balls.
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I have no experience with moss balls.
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adding , more live plants

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