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30" plant lighting with full, lidded hood?

This is a discussion on 30" plant lighting with full, lidded hood? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Much better....

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30" plant lighting with full, lidded hood?
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Much better.
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You may not have sufficient intensity with the Flora-Sun tube, unfortunately. When you are dealing with a single tube over a tank, there is a fine line between what can work and what won't work.

The so-called "plant" or "aquarium" tubes are high in the red and blue wavelength [this is why the Betta look so lovely, the light is highlighting their colours]. While it is true that plants need these colours for photosynthesis, the intensity of these tubes is quite weak. Also, there is evidence now that plants seem to need the green/yellow light just as much. This may be due to the added intensity when this light is present. But whatever the reason, all else being equal [nutrients, etc] plants will grow better [=photosynthesize faster] under light having a Kelvin rating from 5000K to 7000K, with around 6500K being best. The so-called "daylight" tubes provide this. The light intensity is about double that of the "flora" and similar tubes, so this makes a fair difference.

The cheaper "daylight" tubes by GE, Phillips and Sylvania can work fine over larger tanks where you have 48-inch tubes, and two of them. I have used all three, and currently am using the GE and Phillips on such tanks. But these are no where near sufficient over the smaller tanks with a single tube, such as the 24-inch tube over a 29g. In this case you must use a stronger light, and I have found the Life-Glo to work the best. ZooMed's UltraSun is pretty much the same. Both have 6500K (LG is actually 6700K).

I have experimented with some of these over my 29g. The GE Daylight killed most of the plants due to its low intensity. The Life-Glo works fine. Photo below shows the plants under a single 24-inch LG T8 tube.
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Thanks, Byron! Yeah, you can see that my plants were not faring well under the full-spectrum, and the cycle is not doing well because of that. I'll be going back to That Fish Place next week, so I'll look for one of the other tubes then and try it out.

I do love the way this one makes the bettas look, though....:)
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