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your Fish nets

morning all.
little question here.........
Do you sterlize you fishing nets,and if you do
how do you do it.? :D
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Good question, I have never sterilized my net (i have only one.) But i always make sure i put it in a place that it will dry well and quickly, as i don't want things growing on in if i leave it in damp wet places. I'd have thought that if you do feel the need for sterilizing it (after use in a diseased, or medicated, tank for example), you could just stick it in boiling water for a coupe of minutes and that would do the trick, after a good manual scrub with just water.
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yup the boiling water sounds like a good bet.
thanks. :D
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There are a couple things out there to use but I can not for the life of me remember what they are. One I think is proprianate (calcium) maybe and the other is a purple chemical. Both fo them are used to sterilize nets and kill both bacteria and critters.

I have not actually done this. Guess I should at least have one net per tank but even if I did I transfer fish, plants and everything else from tank to tank so whaetever is in one tank is likely gonna get into the next.

If I had a hospital/quarantine tank I would definately have a net that is only used for that tank.
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my nets are interchangeable. use them in all the tanks. never cleaned them. could toss them in a light bleach dip then use prime to break down the bleach.

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never thought of that :)
thanks. :)
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