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yet another HO lighting question

I have a 75 gallon that I am setting up with live plants, livebearers, shrimp & other random (but compatible) critters. Goal is to have a pretty strong shrimp population along with hillstream loaches. It won't be heavily planted, but I will have a 'large' moss bonsai, a section of dwarf hair grass carpet & whatever larger plants I decided on, along with some open sand & large rocks.

Anyway, I bought an Aqueon 2-bulb T5 fixture from Petsmart. It is not a HO fixture, but I am wondering if I should take it back for a HO light. It doesn't seem overly bright & I want to make sure I have enough algae for the algae eaters, but I don't want to constantly fight algae blooms. It won't be getting any real sunlight due to it's location.

Any input?
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I think Obama is looking for cheap energy sources..intentionally growing algae sounds like you may be onto something. I would think you don't need powerful light to reproduce algae. Put a bowl in the window with some stones and let this take hold, then transfer to your well lit tank.
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lol.... Start a small bio-diesel operation out of my aquarium?

Would the algae support large-ish numbers of shrimp & such? From what I've seen, shrimp alone can really clean like crazy. I don't want a green monster growing in there, but enough to keep them all busy wouldn't be too bad. I'm thinking I have too much filtration to really let it get wild.
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Matt..I am far from a shrimp expert. Only shrimp I ever had were "freebies" when I bought I may be blowing a lot of hot air..but there are plenty of shrimp foods on market, at least online, and that is what I'd do. I believe some people get away with letting them scavage and an occasional algae wafer, but I'd feed like any tank life and feed well.
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Ah, gotcha. I was mainly thinking of the hillstream loaches I'd like to get, but I planned on algae wafers anyway. I've got plenty of time before I have that many inhabitants, so I was just putting feelers out. Thanks!
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when i had shrimps i never feed shrimp food. just let them clean up but i didnt have a huge population either.
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