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ahhh, I didn't see it.

I think I paid something around $26.00 for mine at my LFS. Oh well. Still, great shopping list
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maybe later today ill throw up a Extreme package for his 120 its always fun to spend money you dont have LOL
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okay here goes

CFL lighting

Best of the best lighting right there for freshwater plants im assuming you need x3 24 inches ones and thats what the price is for.

Co2 Setup 116.99

*Your going to need to get a co2 bottle for this setup

Filter Get the 305 model 149.99

This equipment is all for a HEAVILY planted aquarium with lots of ferts and lots of fish. the lighting is the best you can get. the co2 is to put balance in the tank with the high lighting along with fertilizer. with this type of setup filtration isnt really a big deal except for mechanical. Keep in mind this is my version of a high tech setup and the price does not include the testers, maitnance supplyes, chemicals or "hoods"

716.95 is the total for just these three items.
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Thanks a lot you guys I have been reading a lot and thaks for the shopping list. I will let you know how it goes from here.
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cool im excited to see what route you decide to go. feel free to pm me if you got any questions.
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So as luck would have it I had that 125 gallon outside washing it out and I found a crack, which just destroyed my dreams. So instead of giving up the whole aquarium dream I hit craigs list and found a 75gallon with stand two 300 watt heaters 2 penguin 350 that were new in box & a bunch of extras. Get this.... $200.00. I couldnt believe it. so I bought it. its now set up and put in a few plants the other day and a few cherry barbs to Cycle the tank for the first time. I will post pics soon. The bonus is i have 600.00 bucks in my pocket that I would have spent but didnt have to.8) Oh and i found out that the lady was getting a divorce, hubby left the aquarium before he finished setting the tank up. WIN! me.
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Woohooo! Awesome deal! Have tons of fun with it :)

If only I wasn't looking into colleges in a few years I could have had a complete 125 gal aquarium free from my cousin. I'm so sorry that I couldn't get it, but I wouldn't know what to do with it when I leave :(

20 gallon long: 3 adult Neolamprologus similis + about 11 fry of various ages; low light planted tank
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10 gallon: 1 male betta named Dante; low light planted tank
2, 5.5 gallon tanks that are currently empty (I see more fish on the horizon )
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craigslist is amazing
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