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I think that because you have so little fish and so much water,there may be little to no cycle .I think the max ammonia you will see will be .05 ppm.which is prettymuch undetectable by most test kits. But dont take my wok.I overatock tanks and still see no cycle because I do fishlesss

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So here was the final decision...

Went to the LFS and spoke to one of the employees who knew about tropical fish and cycling and whatnot... Explained the whole situation, including the history of the classroom tank (that's Zippy's tank - Zippy is the poor Zebra Danio that I have unknowingly been torturing in a <2gal. tank in my classroom with sporadic filter changes and 100%water changes with gravel washing... Poor thing. I had NO Idea I was being such a horrible fish owner for the past 18+mos.) and asked what the best thing to do would be... LFS Guy was legitimately shocked that Zippy had survived so long under such conditions with no heater or bubbler... He agreed that using Zippy's filter & some gravel in a stocking would be very helpful and a better choice than using the bottled 'cycle'... He also recommended adding 2 more zebra danios to help the tank cycle... I know some people here did not condone cycling with fish, but he was confident that they would all be fine, and also would be a good thing for Zippy, as he should have 'companion' fish & (he thought)may be less stressed with the tank change if he had friends... lol. He also estimated that the cycle has already begun and would most likely take only about 2 weeks this way, rather than 30-40 days... I walked in looking for Java Fern and walked out with two new zebra danios...

I brought Zippy & his tank home today, as per the LFS guy, I did one more 2 gal. water change in large tank, added the 2 new zebra danios and allowed Zippy to acclimate to the water temp (from his ice-cold tank -- I feel terrible and couldn't wait to get him out of there!) then gradually added water from the large tank to his bag over the next 30 minutes...

While I was waiting for that, I moved Zippy's whole little filter to the big tank and installed it next to the large filter (have both running) I moved Zippy's synthetic plant from his tank to new one and put about a cup and a half of his gravel into a nylon stocking and hung it next to the larger filter intake...

Then I put Zippy into the new tank... He has been swimming around like crazy! Actually seems like he's PLAYING with the other two zebras & the cutest part is he keeps playing in the bubbles from the airstone!! Also, it may be my imagination, but his coloring had paled over the past few months, I just thought he was getting old or something... but his stripes are gradually looking darker since I put him in the new tank 2 hours ago! (Or perhaps I'm crazy. lol)

Shimmer (the Diamond tetra) seems a little playful but mostly trying to stay out of the way of the crazy Zebras.

I'll be bringing water samples to LFS for proper testing every other day starting tomorrow until I get the API master test kit I ordered... I'm crossing my fingers that this all works out... I'd hate to lose another fish... but LFS guy seems to think that they will all be completely fine, so I guess I'll go with that...

Thanks again for all the input!!

Feeling more confident since reading the following in the profiles:
About the Zebra Danio

Species Type: Freshwater Fish
Category: CyprinidsCare Level: Very Easy. Will tolerate a wide range of water parameters including pH, temperature and hardness. Can tolerate higher nitrate levels than other fish and is hardy enough to withstand the cycling process. Will readily eat prepared foods and has no special care requirements.

Read more: http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/p...#ixzz19dtQ3QYi

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Thats good to know(: Like i said before, danios are amazingly hardy and can live through the cycling process. And for the color change you are seeing, that is not your "imagination"(: He is in warmer water, with more of his own species (company) = happier, more secure and more comfortable = better, stronger color and activeness(: Any kind of schooling fish is like this when put in a group of it's own species rather than being alone. his "thought" is a fact, danios are a schooling fish and need the company. and what would actually be better is if you can put the filter packet/media of your <2G tank filter into the filter canister of the new one so the bacteria can grow straight into the new filter media. Seems like everything should go fine from here on though(: Goodluck and let us know if you need any more help!

Once your tank is cycled, i'd add a couple more danios into the tank to make them a full school (atleast 5) :D the more of them you add, the happier/secure/active they'll be(:

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Glad to get a confirmation of a better outlook! How should I go about moving the contents of one filter pack to the other? Should I just cut them both open and scoop/pour it in? Or should I just wedge it in behind the new larger filter cartridge thing? Also, I'd like to properly re-cycle the small tank after this one is settled ... could I put a new filter cartridge in the small filter now and let it run in this bigger tank for a few weeks and then transfer the small filter and 'bag' of gravel back to the small tank when I'm ready to cycle that one? (I'd like to figure out if there is actually a fish that would live happily in the 2 gal. upright tank so that I night have a class pet that isn't being suffocated or tortured...)
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Here's a pic of where I put the old cartridge into the new filter... I'll correct it if that won't work... (I think I flipped it around the opposite way from how it was positioned in the little filter...)

Here's some pics of the tank as-is at the moment...

Zippy is the one turning in the back... ^^^

Here He's the bottom fish... we haven't thought of names for the two new ones yet... I think one of the new ones is female and one is male... can anyone tell?

Zippy turning again... and there's Shimmer playing with them on the left...

He finally posed for a good picture here ^^^
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They look great(: And the filter cartridge should be fine there. That's how i did it for my 5Gallon tank. Just leave it there for a couple days. And yes, i believe you have 1 female, basically by the rounder/plumper belly of one of the danios. Zippy's enjoying the company(: once thing you may begin to see is the two males trying to court the female (if she really is a female). You can tell when the males flare their fins as if they are stretching, and take quick swipes at each other from time to time. It is healthy as it comes natural to them. But again, adding to their numbers reduces the aggression of trying to court the only female in the tank. But that can come later on when your tank is cycled(: Just a heads up, it's actually fun to watch them courting and showing off, it shows how nice they can look(:

You can also now turn off the smaller filter, as it's filter media is running in the new bigger one, but the added surface disruption adds more oxygen to the tank = good for bacteria growth. But you already have a bubbler running, so i don't think you need the extra filter running.

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Another thing about filters though, it says you have to replace your filter cartridge every month or two.. Not true. A huge majority of your bacteria live in that media, so it is almost an asking for a re-cycle to replace that cartridge. Maybe once a month, or even every other month, when you do your gravel vac/cleaning, you can take the filter cartridge out and swish it around in the water that is removed during the vac to get all the poopy and food off the cartridge. Almost all the members here do so, and only replace it when it is completely falling apart or impossible to unclog. I haven't "swished it around" for about 3 1/2 months and it's still fine(I have the same aqueon filter as you, in the 10G form). Just a tip to save you money and the pain of re-cycling your tank(: But you could replace the smaller one and cycle it by putting it behind the bigger tank's cartridge.

As for the 2G, you can get a betta. Very pretty fish, especially for a class room. But the thing is that the intake of the 2G filter looks like it'll scoop up the betta's tail. Unless you can get something to fix it, i'd be kinda worried. I got a product called "fluval edge pre-filter sponge" which basically goes over the intake and protects the fish from being sucked up. Or you can make one yourself.

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I'd suggest keeping your 2.5 gallon as an isolation tank in case any of your fish gets sick and you need to remove it from your main tank.

For your classroom, I'd suggest getting a 5 gallon tank and putting a betta splendens and an apple snail in it. (You'll need a heater.)
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Sorry for multiple posts.. What i would do is get one of these pre-filters or make one NOW and put it over the aqueon filter's intake. The thing about these pre-filters is that it is a GREAT spot for bacteria to grow. Once this tank is cycled, you can move the smaller filter, gravel, cartridge, and pre-filter sponge to the 2G and i'd say it might even be instantly cycled with the size of the tank/filter media. Just some suggestions. That's what i did with my 10 and 5G tank.

or go with his idea^^ Bigger tank means more fish(: you could get a betta and couple ghost shirmp (very fun to watch), IF THEY ARE FRIENDLY TO EACH OTHER. a way to tell is to get a ziplop and cut little holes in it and let it float in the tank and put the betta inside and do the same with the other species you want to keep him with then just float them side by side. The betta may flare for a little, but he may calm down and "accept" the others. Keep them there overnight. I did this with my betta before letting him go in my 10G with the tetras, guppies, and shrimp. If you don't know what a betta looks like, look at my profile picture. They come in almost any color available(: but it all depends on the fish. My betta got along well with shrimps, loaches, tetras, guppies, and minnows. Very nice betta. Some are not so friendly.

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Thanks for the tip about the filter cartridges... At least I was doing something right for Zippy.. (even if by accident) as I was constantly forgetting to buy new ones ...

After seeing how fun they are in a group, I'm hoping to add two or three more zebras when we're fully cycled...

I was trying to figure out if we could also have with another small group of a tiny & more colorful fish to make my daughters happy... I'm still unsure whether Shimmer is really going to be happy in this tank... I'm reading that she should really have a minimum tank length of 36" and have some companions... Sadly, my 4-year old is already very attached... maybe she'll accept a 'trade' at the LFS... I wish I had done more research from the get-go...

As far as keeping the 2gal for a quarantine tank, I'm really short on space to keep an empty tank in the house... that's why we brought back the pleco & the giant danio... I KNOW we won't be able to upgrade to a larger tank... I like the idea of a betta for the classroom... I'll have to find a small heater because my classroom tends to be pretty cold in the winter & esp. on weekends... I have time to think about that, though...
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