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Originally Posted by Calmwaters View Post
A good flake food like Omni and then I get a frozen that has a variety in it each bubble pack is different. It has bloodworm, daphnie, brine shrimp, and I can't remember what the other is right now and I am to tired to go get it out of the fridge. LOL The good thing is even though its expensive you don't have to buy it often because it last a while.
once you are able to go to your fridge, could you please tell me the brand of your variety pack, Calmwaters?

29 gallon freshwater tank - b/n catfish, neon tetras, and 4 gouramis

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Originally Posted by SinCrisis View Post
But then you gotta deal with the adult mosquitoes flying around, and some aren't very friendly and can carry parasites or disease...

Where in california? I would imagine you can trap some yourself if you really want. In NJ, i leave my window open and i put a lamp behind my screen, the smaller insects get through and i just net them up in a fine mesh net and feed them to my fish as treats.
Thats why the bucket stays outside. There were already adult mosquitoes out there anyway. If your feeding the larva too the fish you should in theory be reducing the number of adult mosquitoes. I live in Wisconsin and its like trying to notice the difference of a few mosquitoes amongst hundreds lol.

Risk with feeding adult insects you catch is you don't know where they have been and what they have gotten into. Especially if anyone near you sprays or fogs.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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Originally Posted by krish View Post
Alright, I understand how this stuff works. So what is the cheapest stuff I can feed my fish without getting them sick? I just think all these stuff, frozen or freeze dried, or whatever still costs too much, IMO. thanks!
Aquarium's are large glass boxes of water that we throw money into.(Author,unknown)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Originally Posted by krish View Post
Alright, I know it is harder to grow these stuff, but they're exorbitantly priced.. I want to feed my fish these, but to buy them, and a variety of foods, It costs so much! I only have a 29 gallon tank, so breeding my own insects probably won't save me much, right? I haven't gone to one yet, but do LFS's sell them cheaper? I'll take any thing I can get my hands on....I live in bay ARea, does anyone know any stores that sell these stuff cheaper, or in bulk?
krish, this place might interest you, and it's in your neck of the woods:

The Bug Farm - your source for live food culture information.
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This is it:
San Francisco Bay Brand® Freshwater Multipack™ Fish Food - Fish Food - Fish - PetSmart
my fish love it!

Kindest Regards,

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Your best solution will probably be to use live food. Several foods are easy to keep, and you can even sell cultures to other hobbyists once they're thriving... Yes, you can make profit selling them, and get free fish food.

Some of the easiest to grow (and most profitable) foods are
daphnia (feed green-water, or a mixture of tea made from spirulina powder and egg yolk)
White worms/Grinal worms (feed tiny amounts of oatmeal)
Blackworms (can be raised in a fishless aquarium easily, will eat fish food..)
flightless fruit flies

Some information can be found here- The Bug Farm - your source for live food culture information.
As for the blackworms, here's a link-
Black Worms: Keeping and Breeding

But, I advise a more natural approach..Start with a rubbermaid container or small aquarium.Add a tiny bit of soil (round tablespoon) and a cup of water to about an inch of gravel from an established aquarium. Cover with clean gravel (from your aquarium)l- Fill with aquarium water to a depth of 6 inches. Add some plants for filtration (or a sponge filter), and you shouldn't ever have to restart the culture as long as you give them water changes when you do your fish.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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sorry this is a delay but thanks so much guys!!!

29 gallon freshwater tank - b/n catfish, neon tetras, and 4 gouramis

60 gallon Lake Malawi tank - under construction
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bloodworms , cheap , insects , live food

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