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Now we have some possibilities don't we. Now that is being helpful when you list several possible reasons. I am 100% for self help but expect to gather knowledge from this site and I think so do others.
The most important message I have learned from my time here is that, water quality is gold!

When someone posts the water quality is in good order and you want to reply to help the poster... You have to assume they have checked the water quality and are competent to do so.

I don't think anyone here is looking for a 100% correct diagnosis when posting anything but more like scenarios of possible causes. Again, I have learned that water quality is the number 1 factor in many of those possible scenarios so that is why it comes up so often.

Perhaps I am unlike many aquarist and actually do check my water quality often.

I liked your post batman. 1077, I have come to learn that your world rotates on water quality! haha I am not being sarcastic, your drilling that home encouraged me to read more into it and learn.

The main point that I would have thought important is that silver dollar fish are by nature shy fish. In ANY tank I have come to learn they will swim away from a person when they walk over to it. Perhaps there are exceptions, as there always are, but in 90% of the cases they move away by nature.

Another important fact about this fish is that lighting or reflective lighting will bother them. If your substrate is brighter in color and your lighting is not subdued they will freak out.

The primary reason any fish schools is for protection. If a tank has no threat, the need to school decreases to almost none.

I'll continue to read, learn and challenge ideas where I have thoughts.

Merry Christmas!
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Update on my previous post:

My substrate is a natural color so not too bright. I have been keeping my tank light off to see how it affects the silver dollars and they love it. So, unless something changes, it seems my issue with silver dollars revolved around bright light. I'll have to look into this more to ensure all my fish are happy with the kind of light I use.

Interesting enough and thought it worth an update.

(Hoping there is a huge conflict between light my other fish like vs the silver dollars because that means another tank of size for the bedroom!) The wife loves those little silver dollars!
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I have used a standing floor lamp with three way switch for brightness with some fish who were leary of overhead lighting. Also artificial or real floating plants as well. I tend not to focus so much on keeping fish but rather train my efforts on keeping good water. Good water = less sick fish=more money to spend on fish. I have singlehandedly murdered untold numbers of fish in learning this over the years. I am pleased if some of it rubs off on a few folks.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Further update:

It is 100% the lighting that was causing my silver dollar fish to freak out. I have only used natural lighting since I last posted and they have been a joy to keep ever since. 1077, great ideas with the lighting.

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Hi guys,

I lot of happened since the last time I posted. The tank has been infected with ich and 1 silver dollar died as a result, along with a few other fishes. Now I've been able to get the tank parameters in order and applied the salt/heat treatment. However, the silver dollars still seem to prefer to school or stay idled on one side of the tank (not so much the very corner of the tank), and they rarely venture to the other half. Same for the oscar fishes.. all the fishes like the right side of the tank for some particular reason.
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Sorry you lost a silver dollar.. that sucks. Your Oscars might be making the Silver Dollars nervous as hell. (I don't know enough about Oscar, perhaps it depends on the size differences between the Oscar and Silver Dollar?)
Though, you do have a fair sized tank.

Something else I am noticing about my Silver Dollars is that the longer I have them the more relaxed they have become. Give them some more time because they are a beautiful fish to have in your tank when they feel comfortable.
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