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Who is living with YOUR Gourami?

I have removed my Tiger Barbs from the 60 gallon which leaves the Gourami with a Platy and a few Guppies. I also have one Rainbow shark in there but that is it. I was thinking of adding a Boesmann Rainbow fish but not sure yet. What are your thoughts? Who is living with your Gourami and how happy of a situation is that?
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which type of gourami do you have? some are much more docile than others.
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I have a very docile Opaline Gourami. I don't want her to get picked on nor do I want her do feel threatened and therefore go after another fish. She is currently living happily with Guppies.
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Ah, I have a pearl gourami, which is also very docile. You might try one, they are probably one of the prettiest of the gouramis!
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Hi there,
At the moment I'm running a tank with dwarf gouramis (red honeys), khuli loaches, and gold barbs, and they don't even notice each other. I'm about to add two blue ram cichlids (one German Blue and one Electric Blue), and have my fingers crossed that I end up with all 14 in the tank and not one or two very fat rams!
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My gourami lives fine with cory's, platy, guppies and otos, but not each other. I tried to add some bolivian rams to my blue gourami tank and he started harassing them so he got given to a friend.
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Anyone else have anything else with their Gourami's other then what has been mentioned? I have the same as what you have Zof but wish to have at least one more larger fish in the tank. If it cannot be then I will just leave the tank as is but it would be nice to have something, or someone else. :)
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