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Where do you get your fish from?

I read on a post that store bought fish are really not the best quality fish and getting on-line is actually better?

Where do you buy/get your fish from?
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I do get mine mostly online.
I also spent a ton with a local breeder here in town, but mostly online.

However, I don't recommend it for beginners. It's better to wait until your taste/preferences in fish have become more defined and your knowledge base is greater.

Fish have taken over my house. I threw away my couch to make room for another 125 gallon.
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If you're carefull and know how to pick fish, store bought can be fine. My clown loaches, original angels, harlequin rasboras, and otocinclus were all store bought Mostly from Petsmart, a few from Petco. I had no problems with them.

Lately, I've been buying fish from breeders, since they are allot cheaper. Breeders usually can answer any health/fish issues you have and they will usually help you in case you have any problems.

Keep in mind...
1. When buying fish from stores, make sure you buy fish a few days after the fish are received from the store. This gives the fish a chance to relax after allot of stress from shipment and a new environment.

2. When you do intend to buy fish from the store, visit the store the next couple of days and observe the fishes and/or inhabitants in the tank. This gives you a chance to make sure the fish and it's tankmates look healthy.

3. When bringing fish home, you should QT the fish for a couple of weeks to acclimate them to your water parameters and to observe them to make sure they are ok.
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I normally choose between my LFS and Petsmart. There is a great Petco about 30 minutes from me and their tanks are beautiful, they really do a great job in taking care of their fish, which is a little surprising with a big pet chain.
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All fish of mine are from petco and petsmart...I pick them out very careful as crazy.eddie has stated. My clown loaches , oh boy, i was staring at the tank for about 30 minutes before i came to a conclusion....And there perfect!

55 Gallon:1 Baby Bristlienose,1 Swordtail, 1 Bala Shark, 2 Common Pleco, 2 Clown Loaches, 2 angel fish,3 (look a like) rasbora Tetra's, 4 Black Skirt Tetra's, 4 Long-finned Gold Zebra Danios, 4 Cardinal Jumbo Tetra's,6 Red Eye Tetra's, 7 neon tetra's
10 Gallon Nano Reef:1 Chocolate Starfish, many snails...Work is in progress...err
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A local place called Puppy Center & Aquarium. They have an enormous fish room with roughly 100+ tanks, with a good selection of fish. They are really hard workers too and maintain their fish/tanks very well.

I never tried buying my fish online, and I don't think I ever will unless I have my mind set on a fish that I cannot find anywhere nearby.
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i would say there is nothing wrong with large companies, just be careful after a new purchase, never buy from a shop that has blue water or floating fish lol :)
Always check the other fish in the tank, and always check the tanks that are in the same filter bank, as it is the same water in all of the tanks and any disease will travel.
You will find prices vary depending on the order, or the supplier to each shop so it pays to shop around, just be careful, keep a keen eye on fish behaviour, and ask to see them feed, even ask to catch them yourself- they will be your fish after all.

I have never bough fish online before but i will shortly, 79p a cardinal is too good a deal to pass up :)!!
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There are a ton of great fish available online, I've just never done it because the shipping costs. If I ever get the tank I want I'd love to get a Zebra oscar or something like that, which I can't get in my area. Once I factor shipping, it's always too high for me!
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