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Whats your Schedule?

Whats your schedule for taking care of your fish?

Monday: Feed Tetra Min Tropical Crisps to Danios, feed OSI shimp pellets to Bolivian rams
Tuesday: Feed the same as Monday, Dose the tank with Flourish Fertilizer
Wednesday: Feed same as Monday, do a 25% water change, Test water
Thursday: Feed same as Monday
Friday: Feed same as Monday, Fertilize tank
Saturday: Feed either frozen worms or frozen brine shrimp, do a 25% water change, Test water
Sunday: Feed frozen vegetables or Algae Wafers.
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Monday: Feed Tetra Tropical Flakes to Platies and Goldfish, feed OSI Shrimp Pellets to Shrimp, Feed Cricket dusted in calcium Powder to Newt.
Tuesday: Same as Monday (except newt)
Wednesday: Same as Monday (with Newt), 50% Water Change.
Thursday: Same as Tuesday.
Friday: Same as Monday(with Newt)
Saturday: Feed Sallys Frozen Brine Shrimp and Algea Wafers, 25% Water Change
Sunday: Algea Wafers and Frozen Veggies (and Newt)

And Monthly a 75% Water Change.
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Well i dont have a set day for certain foods. I mix it up a bit but i feed. ussually flakes in the 55 and 20 2xs a week, then a mix of blood worms, tubifex, babey shrimp, my own frozen veggie cube mix( peas, cucumber lettice ect) fresh cucumber or zuccini slices in the morning. Then at night i throw in some shrimp pellets or some of the above for my night feeders.

I clean my tanks on a friday or saturday. ( vacume sand and gravel rinse out intake tubes clean sponge in tank water. I also ussually starve the fish on cleaning day to unless i have soem new arrivals to fatten up. I dont clean the glass off very often since i have plenty of fish to do that for me. In fact i actually encourage algea to grow for my loricaids.
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Well, mine isn't so scheduled as yours.
I feed my tetras Wardley Total Color every 7:00 AM/PM, 7 days a week, a small penny sized amount, crushed in my palm.
I feed my bettas 3 bio-gold pellets(betta-gold? I'm on the other side of the house and don't feel like running to the fish.) every other day, and 3-5 freeze dried bloodworms on the days off. Tetras get bloodworms same day as bettas too.
Every saturday night I do a 50% water change, every two weeks my tank gets vacuumed, everything cleaned and rinsed. Foam pad filter changed every 6 weeks. Bettas get cleaned every Saturday.

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ya i dont have a set day just that my pleco get sinking wafer for 5 outa 7 days and, sunddays are fasting days.
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