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Thanks for sharing your favorites! My answers are based only on what I have had. This is my third time returning to the fish world but there are still many types of fish that i have not had yet.

Catfish: Can't remember the name, but they are large and have small white spots

Pleco: Don't remember the name (cannot find them on the search) They look somewhat like the sailfin ones but have some orange colored highlights to them

South American Cichlid: Angels and Geophagus

Central American Cichlid: Not sure

Rift Lake Cichlid (including Victoria): Frontosa and Moorii's (sp?) (nick name..Dolpin fish)

Tetra: Not sure yet, have only had 4 kinds...tie between the black skirt and black phontom, I guess I like the neons and Cardinals just as much, but have only had the neon's as kid but did not have a big school of them.

Barb: Have only had the tigers. Would like to have the Denison Barb...I think these would be my favorite.

Gourami: Not sure. Have had the Drawf and Kissing only so far....not sure

Livebearer: Guppies (I do like platies and mollies too though)

Oddball: Not sure

and....All time favorite....the one fish that you have always wanted to keep and have kept multiple times: Angel Fish! LOVE THEM!

Dream fish I would love to have someday: Discus

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I don't know that I have a favorite for each catagory there... in general, my favorite fish are fancy goldfish and blood parrot cichlids. I also really like mbuna cichlids and bettas :)

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Catfish: Cories
Pleco: Bushy nose
South American Cichlid: Discus
Central American Cichlid: Carpintis(sp?)
Rift Lake Cichlid (including Victoria): Tropheus Bemba
Tetra: Neon
Barb: none
Gourami: Leopard Ctemopoma(sp?)
Livebearer: none
Oddball: African Leaf fish or butterfly

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