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I'm not a Betta fan, but we ended up with a 5.5 gallon tank and options are quite limited.

Even the White Cloud Mountain Minnow is an active swimmer and is recommended to be kept in a tank a minimum of 24" long.

We have an African Dwarf Frog (in a larger community tank). He doesn't do much. We rarely see him, except when there are bloodworms in the tank.

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I have a thread somewhere else... all my filters are just plain cube foam block filters, air driven. I got them from AngelsPlus.
I do a 1/4 - 1/3 water change weekly for the most part and my water parameters are good when I test them. No ammonia, no nitrite. Ph runs around 7.7,8. Nitrates are about 10 -15, but that is also straight from the tap.
I cannot see any reason to invest in a power filter at all.

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I agree with, Canadian Fish. White Clouds are waaay to active for a 5.5 gal.

Unfortunately, you're pretty limited, Geo. There are some micro fish that do well in tanks like that, but they're pretty sensitive and high-maintenance. (They'd work in your soft water, tho). Really betta are you best choice. Hardy and small. And they come in all kinds of colors. I kept a single betta in a 5 gal tank for years when I was in college. Beautiful and highly interactive... although that might not be the best thing in the workplace.


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Yeah, I forgot to mention I have soft water, which means it gets acidic, which means no snails (other than 'pest' that self replicate).

That also throws out live bearers like endlers.

I thought about the 'nano' fish, but honestly I've never seen them. It's not something any of the shops out here carry.

I think Scarlet Badis is an option, at least the profile suggests a pair is possible in a 5 gallon (it will be planted like all my tanks). Same with Licorice Gourami and Sparkling Gourami. As a single, maybe American Flag Fish.

Anyone have experience with any of these?

I'm liking both the Scarlet Badis and the Sparkling Gourami.
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