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My Tetras swarm front and center when I enter the room. If I go to the end and look in the side of the tank they all come over to that side. They're like my little buddies. hands in the tank they are swimming around my hands. nibbling my finger tips, etc... They're just cool as all get out.

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My angel always comes to say hello, my tetras and loaches don't care at all. Although my Loaches don't mind being handled when I have to do PWC's. They don't swim away from my hands, they make me pick them up and move them manually.


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All my fish swim to the front of the tank, because they keep thinking im going to drop food in there for them. They would eat all day if up to them.
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my flowerhorn and Jd come a runnin when i approach the tank or get home from work. my firemouth too, but not so much. My JD does little flips for me, but not when my girlfriend is there lol

the funniest is my 20L full of female bettas. its hysterical watching all 14 of them drop whatever it is theyre doing and swarm to the surface, mass exodus style when i go anywhere near the tank.

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All my mollies, platies, and guppies usually come. I've had neon tetras before but they never came to the top of the tank for food. I don't think I've ever seen them eat off the top they just wait for the food to drop down. Also my angels dash to the top front of the tank when I enter the room... they want food! :O Wish they were just coming to see me but I know they just want food. XD

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