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What type of Sand

So Im looking to use sand in my 40 gallon tank and I found some fish friendly sand with bacteria

Im wondering if this is needed or if I can use like pool sand I cant really afford $120 just for sand that doesnt include rocks or anything

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I bought Pool filter sand at Lesles pool store. It's 50lb for $11.99. I like this sand as it is not really fine and if algae gets on top it's easy to clean just rub it between your hands.I have this in my 55 gal. tank. I bought more sand and was able to sell the extra sand on craigslist to someone that had a smaller tank.
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i used just plain old playbox sand at like 1.99 for 25lbs. just wash it and use it simple as can be. then sell it on craigs as "aquarium sand"
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That sand you had a link for is for marine tanks not freshwater. I use play sand which you can find at Lowes or Home Depot. It's cheap at about $4 for 50 lbs. Just be sure to rinse it really well. Pool filter sand will work also.

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Can you use sand for any fish?
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yeah some actually require it.
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I like the sand in freshwater tanks. It looks like a saltwater tank. I changed all my tanks to sand. The Red Cherry shrimps show up really nice with the black sand and so do the neon tetras or brightly colored fish with a black background plants really look nice also against a blk. background instead of a store bought one with a picture . I used a black shelf liner contact paper. Some people paint the back on the outside of the tank also. I like the contact paper as it is waterproof.One thing about Black sand is it has iron in it and is good for your live plants over the play sand and pool filter sand. The pool filter sand makes your tanks look so much brighter compared to gravel. I have black sand in all my tanks except my 55 gal. tank with the pool filter sand. The pool filter sand is courser and not as fine as play sand. It does need alot of rinsing but is worth it. Even after rinsing the water will be cloudy. Leave the filter off when you pour the sand in as you do not want to get the sand into your filter. Once the sand settles and you run your filter the for a few days it should clear up. I rinsed my filter catridge everyday for a few days just make sure you rinse it in treated water. Some fish like the sand like cory cats, plecos. food, poop will settle on top of the sand but is easy to clean. You can't see the stuff settling on the pool filter sand as it has different colors of granuales and is a tannish white color. Black sand shows more but I just make a current and net the stuff up it's easy. I will never go back to gravel for my tanks.

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how much do you have to rinse the pool filter sand, i heard the play sand took hours to clean
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I rinsed small buckets of sand at a time. It took awhile but less then 1/2 hr for a bucket. It did not get totally clear when I rinsed it. It will settle like I said and rinsing the filter pad every few days helped. That's because pool filter sand is a courser sand less rinsing. I think that 50lbs for $11.99 is not so bad. It seems like the cheaper play sand might be cheaper to put in a tank but is a pain to rinse and took the longest. I would go with pool filter sand . You can get it at any pool supply company in town. I had better luck with my black sand as I bought it from a local fish store and I did not even have to rinse this but beware as I heard of people that bought this extra fine Tropic Isle Tahitian Moon sand that was really fine and they hated it as it was like charcoal and got all over their hands and they ended up taking it back to the store. Try to stay away from the really fine sand or extra fine sand.

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