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Cool, thank you very much. This is all still new to me, it's good to have this community of fish lovers to help!!

Thanks everyone!
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It's actually a flatworm. Totally harmless, but it's a flatworm. :)

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^^ genius

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Thanks. As long as they are harmless I won't be worried. I'll just keep up the daily cleaning and siphoning. I know the fry I have need the clean water anyway, lol. I'm so glad I found this place, everyone is so helpful and quick to answer when I have a question. It makes this new hobby (more like obsession, if you ask my husband) a lot more fun and easy to get into.

I appreciate everyone's help!! <3
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Originally Posted by redchigh View Post
It's actually a flatworm. Totally harmless, but it's a flatworm. :)
Planaria are a type of flatworm. Flatworms as a entire group can be parasitic or non parasitic. Planaria as a type of flatworm are generally non parasitic.

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Question Hydra?

Not only do I have the 2 creatures we've been talking about in my tank, but randomly I found one teeny tiny little creature tonight on the glass. I looked it up online and I think it's a Hydra. My husband and I both tried to get a picture, but it was so small and our camera just wouldn't take it. Sort of greenish in color with one end of a flower vase shaped body stuck to the glass and the other end had little tentacles that waved around in the water. As I watched, it must have caught something, because it pulled the tentacles into its body and scrunched up for a few seconds then went back to swaying in the current. Should I be concerned?
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hydra I have seen before in shop tanks and while not a direct risk to adult fish, they can harm/kill small fry(like egglayers). I would suggest removing the hydra. Hydra are very similar to jellyfish and IMO kinda boring I remember playing with them in a lab. Seen some pretty heavily invested tanks at shops.

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I actually posted a request on a local forum to get a few hydras, love how they look! And love to shoot them with my macro lense. They look so ... jurasic park , only smaller and... well not man eating.
I do have them now in my shrimp tank but i cant say i ever seen a hydra endanger a shrimp fry, think they are way to small to do damage. And if you have them it will be a hard job removing them all for good.

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