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Originally Posted by Riderintraining2
thanks yeah i think i need to get my water tested but keeep it comeing with the ideas
Well, it depends on how ambitious you are, and what kind of catfish you have. You could try discus though, they're gorgeous and quite peaceful. I know people say that discus are difficult to keep, but they really aren't if you are prepared for them and provide them with the proper environment. Especially because your tank is so large, so the water is very stable.
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I've always thought a cool alternative to discus (if you're scared by any number of things - their special care requirements, their oft-cited difficulty of keeping, or their substantial price) would be severums. They get a bit bigger than discus, but are somewhat similar in appearance and behavior. They're a little less shy than discus but nowhere near as rowdy as other big cichlids. They're considerably less expensive (I often see them for $5 or less for young ones) and I think you'd be able to get away with a group of 4 or so in a tank like yours.

Discus are very cool though, and as long as you give them the appropriate conditions, they aren't really all that demanding to keep. They can be expensive, though, with a price tag of $50-60 per fish not being unusual.

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Oooh, he's cool...a Synodontis of some sort? How big is he?

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8 inches long
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update my ph level is 6.6 and my ammonia level is safe.

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